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  1. Thanks DaRk MaDnEsS, I have done it and is working. I get my instalation of Vista with SP2! The problem is that the ISO file is more than 7GB! This are my steps: 1.- I create an ISO ("VISTA SP1.iso") file from the DVD with UltraIso, this image is 3,66 GB. 2.- Open VISTA SP1.iso file with UltraIso 3.- Drag and drop the new install.wim into the folder sources 4.- UltraIso ask me if I want to overwrite the original file, I answer YES TO ALL 5.- Save the image and it's more than 7GB... I check the new install.wim and it's only 3,8 GB so I supose that UltraIso is majing something wrong. Any idea? T
  2. It's great post/tutorial! Thank you veru much! But I don't know what to do with the "INSTALL.WIM" file... Which is the next step?
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