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  1. rick, I don't know why this happened to me upon first use but basically the source folder had several new folders such as resources, temp after the run alongside the I386 folder and the size had gone up considerably (+350Mb). However, redoing it there were none of these folders present and the size increased around a few megabytes as expected. Looking at your .bat file it seems that the folders should have been deleted/cleared up after the process had completed, any idea why it might have not done so? Upon the install, WOW, great job there mate. Thanks for your efforts!
  2. Will this work with the XP2MCE Installer Addon by MrNxDmX, as I want to do an install with that addon, plus a few others and RyanVM's UpdatePack v2.2.1. For using IE7, is there a specific addon for it you would recommend? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Gorki and ricktendo64! :thumbsup_anim: I miss playing my N64 and all Mario games.... That was a long time ago....
  4. Sorry! Am I dumb? or is there no link to the addon? Thanks!
  5. Sorry ricktendo64, but the link is a no-go as sokoolz site seems to be down or something. Anybody else having difficulties downloading from the site, this or any of ricktendo64 other addons. Thanks again.
  6. Ricktendo64, sorry to possibly dup this response but now where are your download buttons for the cab file?
  7. Ricktendo, alot of your addons based on the sokoolz.com server don't seem to be working or uploaded on the server as I keep getting a timeout or not found response. Thanks for looking into this in advance!
  8. Huh?

    Hi All!

    Thank you all for your greetings, I look forward to being of assistence, hopefully and learning so much.
  9. Thank for the guide, mate! Got me on the way to making theme addons.
  10. Huh?

    Hi All!

    Hello everyone! Just happy to have become a part of this community, look forward to learning more on the addons and theme customizations. Already had a look at ricktendo64's Inf Theme Guide, GREAT JOB mate! See that you have several legends here, Kel & ricktendo64 for example, noticed you from RyanVM and for all your efforts. Thanks to N1K for accepting my registration!
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