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    beats got a reaction from NIM in [Addon] LDO Fonts Collection v1.0   
    [Addon] LDO Fonts Collection v1.0 (INT)
    LDO Fonts is a collection of Open Type fonts designed by Luke Owens.
    Platform: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7
    Author: Luke Owens
    License: Freeware
    Website: http://freefonts.fateback.com/luke_owens/
    About this release:
    - As requested by newsposter.
    - Custom build MSI; supports AD Deployment, Admin Installs, is repairable, etc.
    - 7-Zip SVCPACK addon (for switchless installer, just extract it from the archive).
    7-Zip SFX Code:

    RunProgram="LDOFonts.msi /qb"
    Addon Details (RVMi and nLite compatible):
    File: beats_LDO_Fonts_1.0_Addon.7z
    CRC-32: c38de944
    MD4: bfca123b597b535ac95339b7b58159df
    MD5: f88652a344564141a0ada1324f7a2386
    SHA-1: 30643aea7142fe67095da51ba5b5fb7dcbcdda9e
    Size: 1.66MB
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    beats got a reaction from NIM in [Release] Windows Live 2009 Apps NLD   
    [Release] Windows Live 2009 Apps NLD
    Onderstaande addons zijn gemaakt op verzoek van Kees030.
    Windows Live Messenger 2009 (NLD) v14.0.8089.0726
    File: beats_WLM_2009_NLD_Addon.7z
    CRC-32: cf0a8609
    MD4: d98e218cf1ff3d76c65de2fd2bf7710d
    MD5: dca3d2c760ed253f7cea6fd58de5f47f
    SHA-1: 734101ae0321b4e3f36b3e55c67aec92559d32b5
    Size: 21.6MB
    Windows Live Mail 2009 (NLD) v14.0.8089.0726
    File: beats_WLMail_2009_NLD_Addon.7z
    CRC-32: b549c43b
    MD4: bdb42c68428140c47b2d1db50b8f31f8
    MD5: 9fd823fcd12a07cebb47d4087cc7e31a
    SHA-1: 00bfa69890a9d65a1d4671a14014e5225402fe6d
    Size: 11.5MB
    Windows Live Photo Gallery 2009 (NLD) v14.0.8081.709
    File: beats_WLPG_2009_NLD_Addon.7z
    CRC-32: 0f1c750b
    MD4: ba4b9e0e989080c86f629dab0c898f4e
    MD5: dfe9e2c86dc196410a872dcba15ada70
    SHA-1: 889c3dedc8db86761f290393b23a24c461266f80
    Size: 12.4MB
    - Messenger is al gepatched met A-Patch, en bevat alleen de volgende onderdelen: Contacts, CRT, Live Upload, en Live Login.
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    beats reacted to ricktendo in How do addon   
    zokey no viste los videos?
    How To make Silent Switch Installers
    How to make a INF Theme addon
    How to make a INF Program addon
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