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  1. App = IDM itself. For example, installing IDM and rebooting, it is not starting. It should do so to be able to intercept downloadable stuff. Instead, it is needed to manually execute IDM, choose the language and only then it will be running. Desired behavior would be that the language is set at setup (system language) and that it starts automatically after a reboot. Cheers.
  2. - Damaged browser integration popup still showing, might be related to having Opera installed - No autostart after install - Executing app the first time triggers language selection (should have been handled by the install script) Cheers.
  3. StopLooking, This works only for the English version on an English language OS. Any other language you probably have to change some windows id's and button names. The script may be adapted for a specific language and as such it can be useful. Cheers.
  4. Well, this is getting interesting :-) Thanks for your dedication niterider, I'll test it asap. Cheers.
  5. Sorry mate, I don't use your repack anymore, without working browser integration it makes no sense installing. The related error at every reboot is also annoying. Sadly I haven't got the time to debug the script, but if you fix it in the future I'm happy to test it. Cheers.
  6. Hi rick, are you still working on this tweaked Skype? Cheers.
  7. You don't understand. Why do you fiddle around with uniextract? If you had followed the two relevant topics here, you would have known that it has been made with Inno. Furthermore, this installer appears to be packed with a non-vanilla Innosetup packer, cannot be extracted by means of uniextract or better said innounp. If the author of the repack makes available his sources to you is another thing. Cheers.
  8. Hold your horses lads. IDM is not easy to do, there are several issues that needs to be resolved but consider it work in progress. I really don't think anyone gets it perfect the first time. So lets instead give some feedback about what does and what doesn't work. And yes, it's Inno. Cheers.
  9. I've just tested the new build. Basically it works, I haven't had time to check reg info yet, but I did see that browser integration is still broken. You've attempted to create a reg key for Chrome integration, but failed to take into account the registry redirection on x64 systems. As inno is a 32 bits setup, registry redirection is already being done. As you've added the "wow6432" node to your script for x64 OS, this in fact gets duplicated in the registry. For example: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\ I haven't had the time to digg deeper, and I don't know if that is the cause of non-working browser integration. But your IDM setup is currently unusable because of this, every reboot an error is being displayed also. Can you try to fix that please? Cheers.
  10. Just did another run with the previous IDM sfx. As you can see it is registered, although not legally. I think something got embedded, maybe using a retail installer. Next up is to test your new sfx. I'll update asap. Cheers. Edit: Main issue with the old package is the browser integration (left unconfigured). At each boot idm shows an error complaining about broken browser integration. If you can fix this (perhaps already in new build?) then the sfx will work ok.
  11. No big deal, I'll upload the screencap when I give it another run. I've got no idea where that name came from. As said, it was a clean install. Maybe it's not in the inno script but embedded somewhere. Anyway it's a good job, IDM was not easy to do at all and you've made my computing life a lot easier. Cheers.
  12. Awesome! Will do more tests soon. The reg info shows it is set to "Muhammad" or some guy...This is a totally clean 8.1 install, so something is going on. I found that the installer can not be named like "idman" because at install it complains about running processes. Cheers.
  13. Can you update? Build 19 has been released. Also, I think you have by mistake included reg info... It is not completely silent, but as you use inno, it wouldn't be so hard to make it totally silent. Maybe browser integration can be fixed, as it broken after install. Thanks for your work. Cheers.
  14. I'll eat all the cookies they want, but still cannot download...The same message as reported by bphlpt: "Please enable Cookies in your browser." Earning a couple of bucks is OK, but the service provided simply does not work - and it is not the first time. Thanks for the update anyway. Cheers.
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