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  1. Thank you for this amazing tool. I haven't tried using it yet (I'm now working on something else) but RT 7 Lite looks like history now. I had to understand some innerworkings of the setup stages to be able to generate an unattended configuration file correctly using that program and it wasn't that obvious adding my own executables and commands. However I absolutely never had any stability or robustness issues with it, unlike a user commenting above. I so far only fantasized about creating a dual-architecture setup, now it's at a click of a button... Incredible. I hope making adjustments to t
  2. Thank you for your amazing work updating this thing! Will be testing the current version soon. Oh one thing that can be confusing to readers (I know your English isn't perfect, I'm just trying to help): The first paragraph of the post says "This XP post-SP3 All-in-One Update Pack differs from Ryan's One, which is more customizable to your needs" - from that phrasing, it seems you are trying to say that Ryan's update pack is more customizable, and not the other way around. New comers might be turned off by that. Instead, you could use "This pack differs from Ryan's one, which is less customiz
  3. Thank you for the update! People be aware, the post wrongfully mentions the date of the package as January 8 2012 instead of 2013, but the pack is surely up-to-date.
  4. Years pass, you keep working on these and I keep coming back... I started programming as a hobby in .NET even as it came out ten years ago and I indeed stumbled upon a J# redist once. I had thought J# only depended on the .NET framework until then. Now again I'm surprised to see F# in the same situation. However, I've used hundreds and tested thousands of software and I've never encountered one depending on any of these. I can appreciate they're included for the sake of completeness, but people should know they will most like never need J# for example. I on the other hand prefer completeness
  5. Hi. Again, firstly, thanks for the great work. I have a few questions regarding the removal/omitting of three pieces of software: I wish it would be possible to leave out the Malicious Software Removal Tool as it is about 50 MiB in size. Would repackaging the archive without that executable break integration or interrupt installation ? I would also like to know whether version 2 of the .NET Framework can be removed and how, or why if not (is it part of the netfx3/3.5 and gets automatically removed along with it?). Finally, how much overhead do you estimate Silverlight 4 adds to the windows set
  6. OK then, the size is just fine. No tweaking needed. Thanks a lot for everything.
  7. Hi Kel, It was you the one who said that more recent visual basic runtimes were already included in XP, right ?
  8. I was refering to removing dlls that are already included in XP SP3 Pro which I don't need because the pack has gotten quite large already, so I guess one can say slimmed down Thanks for directions, I'll check them out, but I think I'm going to stick with Kel's pack, I trust his work. Thing is, I haven't done inf installers and it would be hard for me to tell which lines I have to remove.
  9. I don't mind that, I'd just want to be able to remove some of the dlls, the pack has gotten quite big . Anyway, my XP USB install is almost exactly 1GB but smaller so it still fits. I was just asking because I saw that Kel answered to someone that he would make a smaller pack available for XP, maybe not public or not here. I don't think a separate pack for XP would bother anyone.
  10. Hi again Kel I don't know about these VC++ Runtime issues... I installed AutoItRecorder after installing AutoIt (I forgot the standalone SciTe had the better recorder separately and it seems AutoItRecorder placed an exe in the start menu instead of a shortcut. Until I realised it, I kept getting errors when starting it "msvcp71d.dll" (or something like that) is missing. Of course, all 7.1d dlls are missing. It seems they are updates to the VC++ 2003 Runtime (newer dlls). I started the program from where it installed and it worked because the dlls were there with the executable. Problem is, may
  11. It's OK I'll just UniExtract the installer files and replace the runtime installers inside with dummy/fake ones. I apologize for being too talkative.
  12. Hi Kel, I used your CPL, RunTimes and the Lite Pack for a custom XP Pro SP3. Version 5.6 of your AddOn. Meantime, I'm capturing installations and that's hard work on my old PC in a VMWare. During installation of Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus, Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtimes get installed (it's installer isn't just started and skipped, they really get installed, I can watch the progress bar). Problem is, I am using WPI (mritter is working on it apparently at this time) to be able to choose apps during installations, and they will be all captured installations. So, when installing in real life, it ha
  13. Hi ricktendo64, Please update the link to the 7-zip file. I'm watching this post. I'll try to do the addon myself meanwhile. Thank you.
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