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  1. I want to make a DVD to install Windows for lusers and for me. They don't differ much, only some tweaks. Right now I have to make two DVDs. One for each set of tweaks. If I get a selection in the install process, I only need one. AND, what about help with translation?
  2. Look here: http://classicshell....nstall_commands just add it to the Silent Installs with switch. Good point by the way, I will do that to my DVD as well.
  3. You can use http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/ this is really good. I use it with Win7 but Win8 is also supported.
  4. Integrating some Tweaks is really great, but what I have in mind are two sets of Tweaks. One set for lusers (see wikipedia): Don't show hidden files,... One set for gurus: you know what I mean. And MAYBE even extend that to the components. So this was the request, now one other thing. -------------------------------------- Can I contribute to translation? In Options one can select a language, but no other than english is available. Can I help there? Atlan
  5. The problem with customizing the boot screen is the boot on EFI bioses, and all future computers will have this. I have looked into a few tools, none did. My guess this will never work. So integrating it into the WinToolkit is piontless as long as nobody is able to do it at all.
  6. 1. I have a Pro Image. I only select Pro at the beginning, do not remove the ei.cfg and then integrate everything. During the test with VMWare the install fails an the VM goes into rebootcycle. 2. I manage to get rid of all the red lines. The Languagepack shows up as a normal update on the Windows update. I will do some more test on monday. 3. I will try thatone to, again. I did the LP Incorporation Instructions but when the get installed in the VM one KB is missing???? Thanks again
  7. The discussion I kicked off was unintentional, but good if it helps improving the programm. What I ment was that I added my gadgets to the DVD and they get not installed. That works now. I must have missed one check. I am almost here I want to be. I just have a few questions: 1. Do I have to select all versions of windows from the wim. Otherwise my DVD is not working at all. 2. The lang pack for IE9 will not integrate, why? 3. I tried "[slim] .NET Framework 4.5 Full x86/x64" from the member section, but no install . Thanks and keep up the exelent work Atlan
  8. Finally I came around to more testing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for making it work I had to select all versions at the beginning (from HOME to ULTIMATE). I also deleted the "ei.cfg". So far so good. That in mind I started integrating more stuff. - wallpapers -> work - gadgets -> not working (I can't find them anywhere) - tweaks -> work
  9. Hi to all, I want to create a current Windows 7 x64 Professional DVD (in german). Here is what I did (all with Win Toolkit): 1. Download of the iso (X17-59885.iso) Windows 7 x64 Professional german 2. unpack with 7Zip 3. Download Update Catalog -> McRip Windows 7 x64 (Are there really 480+ updates?) 4. All-in-one Integrator -> browse extracted DVD 4.1 select Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL x64 (the only green one) 4.2 no presets selected (skip) 4.3 Updates + Languages -> Add Updates + Subfolders -> select the folder from 3. 4.4 hit Start now the Updates are getting "installed", but quite a few are getting red (not installed I guess) 5. ISO Maker -> ... Nothing extraordinary so far. Now I tested the ISO in a VM with the VMWarePlayer. -> BUM Install of Windows fails. The errormessage: Windows could not configure one or more system components. Then it goes into constant reboot claiminig error during last boot. My guess is, what there are way to many updates put into the DVD. Prevoiusliy I used www.wsusoffline.net to update Windows after install, but I want to save the time. This tool just has 100+ updates that are installed. Any help what I do wrong? Thanks Atlan
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