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  1. Hello, Until now I used DVD’s for my unattended Win7 and softwares. In my WPI v8.2.1 config.js I used the here bellow Command line example to launch the prog installation cmds[pn]=['"%cdrom%\\Software\\Office2010\\OFFICE14FR.exe"']; I finished preparing an unattended Win7 and softwares (16 GB) USB key thanks to Rufus utility What will replace %cdrom%\\Software\\ in the command line to install the progs, since all progs are located into \Software folder of the same USB key as Win7? I'll appreciate yr help
  2. YES :doh: Tested working :dancing: TNX Rick
  3. I followed yr instructions to build an with 2 Slimp LP (French and Hecrew). I tested it, as you can see on the imafe bellow .Net Framwork Client Profile HEB Language Pack was not installed. In fact, I did generate a new package code GUID for the .Net Framwork Extended HEB Language Pack (KB971891) but NOT for the .Net Framwork Client Profile HEB Language Pack (KB2600211). Will I have to generate a new package code GUID for the .Net Framwork Client Profile HEB Language Pack (KB2600211) too? Regards
  4. Hi myselfidem, We haven't discuss for a long time So, any advice?Have you any idea if it's possible to integrate 2 Slim LP to to the Ricktendo64 installer? Regards
  5. Hi Rick, I incorporate Slim LP French to yr installer and tested it... It works like a charm Can I incorporate a second (Hebrew) Slim LP to yr installer? If so, do both Slim LP be installed? Regards
  6. Hi all, is there a silent switch or anyhow silent install for this appz? Regards
  7. TNX both myselfitem and ricktendo64 :thumbsup_anim:
  8. Hello, I've some standalone utilities like CPU-z, Gspot, HWmonitor, Sysintenals... and looking for creating them shortcuts inside the control panel without success. Is there a special command or tool enabling that? Regards
  9. Hi, I plane preparing an Unatended Windows 7 64-bits and my using machine run Windows 32-bits. It is possible to prepare an Unatended Windows 64-bits on a machine using Windows 32-bits? Or, the using machine must run Windows 64-bits too? Regards
  10. Hi Legolash2o, How do I integrate the Language Packs? If they're alresay converted to .cab file, do I use the "CAB installer"? Regards
  11. TNX Legolash2o for this update. I'll give a try :giveheart: BTW, I wonder if W7Tool include 2 new tab (functions) LanguagePacks and Registry in the All-In-One Integrator. It will be much comfortable for users. It's just a suggestion for the next update Regards
  12. TNX myselfidem for these useful infos :thumbsup_anim: Best regards
  13. Hi legolash, After integrating addons and selected tweaks to windows 7. The installation looks going right: Copy Windows files, Decompress windows atchives, Functions installation, Updates install and Finsih install (French translation). When the "Finsih install" start, I got the here bellow error message: The Installation was cancelled. Windows Can't apply the without assistance parameters during the [offlineServiciing] phase(French translation). 3 times tested and got this error. Regards
  14. Finally I create my own Sysinternals Suite Addon for Win 7 HERE Regards
  15. Here is my own Sysinternals Suite Addon, it will create folder in accessories->sysinternals. Enjoy [updated] 10.21.2010 More Info: Sysinternals Suite DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?asfluc39jb3iju4 MD4: 69243fbbab40da3b30df4fbcd11f681e MD5: 6a60aa4daed2cdc43275abf1fd137e9c SHA-1: 267273dda73cab962ba5c598da7ccb812e558ee3
  16. TNX legolash for replying, I agree with Kels "8.5 does not close out properly". I've made some other "Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8.5-10B" tests without success, 1) Remove components. Here bellow you'll find the error message I got for each language (~5 errors by n selected language). 2) I mount an image start configuration then I decided to cancel everything by close W7Tool with "Discard", the Install.wim was corrupted. Moreover, W7Tool process never end after closing (Exit) it. 3) I tested Rebuild (Check), the install.wim was downsized from 3.25GB to 3.15GB May you please give more infos and
  17. Hi legolash, A months ago, I had integrated AddOns Runtimes 1.2 with "W7Tool Alpha" under WinXP successfully. More Info for that addon HERE Yesterday I tried integrating that same addon with "Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8.5-10B" under Windows7 without success. I got the here bellow message. Regards
  18. Hello, Here bellow my actual Autounattend.xml file produced by 7Customizer tool. It include French and English languages while the default installation is French. 1) Why I have twice <UILanguage> configuration at the top and the bottopm of the file? 2) How can I set it to get English default installation? 3) Where I cant more infos regarding Autounattend.xml Regards Autounattend.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend"> <settings pass="windowsPE"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-WinPE
  19. Sorry for the delay, I'm using Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8 Final. I know i can use regrunonce, but I never tested that mehod. I'll give a try. Regards
  20. Hello Kels, I assume this pack is only for x32 bits. May you be kind preparing the same for x64 bits? Regards
  21. I created a new Ultimate_Windows_Tweaker_2.1_coukou.WA Enjoy
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