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  1. Oh my god. I only asked Lego about the development or "life" of W7T and get no answer. No one says that you are code producing machines. But on the other side a product (also a free product) is based on the talk in communities. And a pure silence isn't good, never. But you can also see it from another side: If people are asking about the development of a product and they repeat their question, it is a not small sign of interest about this product... So: I'm not that kind of people who only wants to troll, I love W7T and if there is no sign of life, it makes me a little bit angry (I'm not sure this is the right word). And sometimes it comes out of me ... So I hope that there will be an answer the next days ... BTW: Being vulgar ("STFU") is not nice, there are better ways to say that ...
  2. IMHO a week is "some time" ... So it is; another project in the dust of time ...
  3. Little question: Is there still any development for W7T? Or is it in hibernate?
  4. Unfortunately it isn't possible to install it via the W7T Installer on a RTM of Seven. It always says "need Build 7000" ...
  5. BTW: The actual DirectX Release is November 2008 ...
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