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  1. oh.. ps im voting 4 u unless someting better come up..
  2. i like the 2nd one, but u do have a point...
  3. 2 vista winamp skins: DeviantArt DeviantArt Winamp Player
  4. so.. u decided to use server 08 w/ aero enabled?
  5. thx rick ps any news on alky?? cuz ive been checking site, but i cant find anything rick, can u use alky to port chess titans to xp?
  6. i have to decide between rick and wolf, both r good
  7. thx for news, downloading now
  8. did rafael make an installer for alky? ps so sidebar will be out day alky comes, right?
  9. most unfortunatley, i hae to put up w/ norton... try avast
  10. for anti spyware, go with spybot search and destroy...
  11. free or not free? and, what ever u do, dont do Norton
  12. id go with different all around, but try to get anti spyware with anti virus
  13. rick.. thx!! ps i changed my docs, my vids, and my music to real vista icons... i got em if u want to use them, email me kmahajaniAThotmailDOTcom
  14. i like auto update in programs, so no, im not going to use this
  15. windowsguy


    uh... :icon_question: hi
  16. alky is free.. just the big games like halo 2 are not free
  17. i dont use the wifi gadget.. but still, its the fix is good for anyone who wants to use wifi gadget
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