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  1. It doesn't work if it's in cab form, only accept msu extension.
  2. you can only install KB2533552 on running system only.
  3. Can you update this to the latest spyware database(7/6/2012)? Thanks
  4. Can you update this since some files have been updated by Gora on his website. Thanks
  5. I don't think you need to integrate KB2468871 v2 stub if you integrate the latest hotfix KB2468871v2.msp to satisfy WU, unless hotfix KB2468871v2 is superseded by another hotfix.
  6. I don't think we need to include the fix KB2468871 v2 due to the updated NDP40-KB2468871.msp.
  7. Can you update this great compilation of tools? Thanks
  8. @ Rick - The latest version is working great. It install/uninstall on my live system correctly. I don't know if the error 2337 for F# 2.0 runtimes that I got previously was due to the installer being installed on VM. Thanks again for your help & all the repack installer that you created.
  9. Net 3.5 is part of win7 x64 & I installed net 4 client using your slimmer & hotfix prior to installing this AIO runtimes.
  10. I got an error code 2337 on F# 2.0 runtime when installing the AIO installer on VM (Win7 x64).
  11. Can you provide the link where I can dl NDP40-KB2702328 x86? Thanks
  12. DiskConfiguration>WillShowUI>Always
  13. @oguz - I only have Client & it works.
  14. @compstuff - The way I do it is to check the box for LDR option in W7T & removed the folder LDR placeholder.
  15. Hi Rick, do you know where I can get hold of KB2639157 for both architecture? Is this hotfix for extended or client only? Thanks
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