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  1. Geej, I just tried the latest release b3 and it appears the tooltip was removed. So that's that.
  2. Geej, Hi. Does the tooltip for the checkbox work for you, because it's completely black for me. version 2.0.1 was exactly the same. I saw in the changelog that this was supposed to be fixed in version I am running on XP SP3. It is a cosmetic problem that doesn't affect functionality at all but should probably be reported to Jan Sott. I can do so, if you haven't already.
  3. Rick, Switches added through command-line are passed only to the first Run or AI parameter in the working configuration for the 7zSFX. For example, if the config.txt has multiple Run parameters and you want to pass a switch to the second or third Run parameter--it can't be done with the module at present time.
  4. I know you guys probably don't want to hear this, but it downloaded OK with Firefox. The cookies thing is strange though, I have had it happen to me in the past more than once. Never said anything because I always thought it was user error.
  5. quote ZEUS__, If you have any 32-bit browser like Firefox or Opera or any other 32-bit application that depends on Java to function correctly then you need the 32-bit version of Java. I think most people have 32-bit apps like that installed on their 64-bit systems, which is probably why Kels defaulted to install both on 64-bit systems.
  6. 2 IceBlackIce, Mr_Smartepants, bphlpt THANKS. I have made copies of Mr_Smartepants' and bphlpt's scripts and will keep for future use. However, I believe I can use the environment variables provided by IceBlackIce (which I should have known) in an INF under a PostSetupCommand directive. I simply need to get my quotes usage in INFs down pat. This should be sufficient for my current need.
  7. I did a search, but didn't come up with anything useful quickly, so: Is there an environment variable or method to grab the date and the currentuser name from a system which can be used in an inf based installer? The inf, after getting the date and currentuser name, will then add this information to the registry of the target system.
  8. I am just curious--you seem knowledgeable about using the modules--so why don't you just repack it using the module you want? (BTW, using the "All" module will mean losing the advanced dialog support.)
  9. Thanks Geej. I have been using this for a few months now and have a report to make. I integrate with RVMi. (XP SP3 + u_h qfe update pack) If I integrate this addon alone, without integrating other addons in the same session, it works just fine. If I integrate this with several other addons in the same integration step, the integration completes without errors--but Windows setup hangs at T-35 almost every time. I tried to pinpoint the exact reason for this hang but could not find it. Just thought I would let you know. As it is, I simply integrate it in a separate step from my other addons and it works just fine.
  10. oguz, the mediafire link by ricktendo64, 4 posts above yours, still seems to work.
  11. Geej, Thank you very much for your answer. I have read most of the documentation at osronline and mgdx a few times and been through the MS documentation a few times as well. I have found that for software installation, I actually learn more by opening up other addon maker's infs and going through them. The structure and directives are not that hard to follow. If I run into a problem in the future, I will post here again. Thanks again to Rick, onepiece, Geej.
  12. Thanks, onepiece. I will through the link you have posted.
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