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  1. Hello! Its nice to be back! long time to hear from some of you
  2. hello everyone, i'm back after a long school year, its summer now, so lets get back to business! update me on whats gone on
  3. Congrats UCFknight10!! [topic closed]
  4. heres the PSD if ya wanna see how i made it LUZR4LIFE_ADDONS.zip
  5. glad ya like! and dont worry i'm still around, i'm just busy with school and stuff thats all
  6. WolfX2

    Hi, eh.

    Great to see a fellow oil fan welcome to the forums!!
  7. if ya can ever find ones more like the originals i'll jump on board but very nice rick, thanks
  8. lets post those deskys folks Few Guidelines this time You can submit multiple screenshots but you must pick ONE to enter into the competition, please specify which one you would like to officially enter if you decide to post multiple desktops DO NOT!! I repeat DO NOT post full size screen shots expecting them to be scaled down automatically, please use our image hosting partner http://www.kwikpiks.com/ or first scale down your screen shot down to a reasonable size for forum viewing, then link to your full size image. Hey NEW guideline please, if willing, post a link to your wallpaper also as the walls all seem to be pretty popular! Thanks! Thanks everyone
  9. UCFknight10 windowsguy JurgenDoe
  10. http://hostingplex.com/ Very affordable, and lots of space!
  11. I officially declare this a tie! Thanks for voting everyone
  12. CUTE! Its the devinart monster! i love it!! edited topic title
  13. I love it!! great find!!
  14. well we could try that if you wanted
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