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  1. ah, the all knowing tie, better luck next time
  2. woo! an earth we can never actually get people too, has a year that lasts 13 days and possibly no night-time :lol: lets put this one in the maybe pile ok?
  3. <h1 style="color: rgb(242, 101, 34);">Dog Tags</h1> <h2 style="font-size: 12px;">Learn to create Dog Tags in Photoshop, where you can add custom text to make them look real.</h2> Step-By-Step Instructions: 1. Open a new document in Photoshop. Set height/width to 400x400 to have a good size canvas to work with. 2. Creat a new layer. Name this layer "Tag". 3. Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Make sure that the Radius in the top menu is set to 15px. 4. Click and drag to draw your rounded rectangle to represent the dog tag. 5. Right click the "Tag" layer from the layers palette. Select "Blending Options" from the pop-up list. 6. Set the properties for "Drop Shadow" to the following: 7. Set the properties for "Inner Shadow" to the following: 8. Set the properties for "Gradient Overlay" to the following: 9. Click OK to accept changes. 10. Select the Eliptical Marquee tool. Hold down the Shift key and create a perfect circle selection over on the far left. 11. Click the Delete key to create the hole in the dog tag. 12. Now select the Type tool and type out what you want to say on the dog tag. 13. Right click the "Type" layer from the layers palette. Select "Blending Options" from the pop-up list. 14. Set the properties for "Drop Shadow" to the following: 15. Set the properties for "Bevel and Emboss" to the following: 16. Set the properties for "Color Overlay" to the following: 17. Click OK to accept changes. You should now have your custom dog tag! Heres mine i guess you could call it a WOLF TAG!! hahaha, dont judge my unfunny humor
  4. Thanks, MrNxDmX, that's a very handy plug in! but...could you please post in the proper forum for now on, thanks Moved to software field
  5. Rick and skorch41 awesome job!
  6. looks like you win again rick
  7. Very creative! Ima download them now Moved to Windows Customization
  8. For those of us who are excited about the launch of Creation Studio 3 Download
  9. This addon adds the "flip 3d" feel into Firefox whenever you switch tabs. Works with: Firefox: 1.5
  10. welcome, jinkazama enjoy your stay at wincert
  11. Gald the problem is fixed, but please post in the correct forum Moved
  12. Here's a little fun fact for everyone The reason hot-mail was called hot-mail was because they originally wanted to call it HTML mail, but couldn't because of copyright infringement, so...the next closest thing that made sense was hot-mail doesn't really have anything to do with messaging, but its cool to know
  13. 1. Male 2. Below 25 3. Pc 5. Because animations and fancy effects on a mac hinder production time 6. Absolute hardware and software compatibility 7. Less complexity, better for the average user 8. Too many third party drivers needed 9. Lack of customizability 10. Home and School use 11. Veeeeesssta 13. Intel Centrino duo 14. A mac is definitely more expensive, must be because of the fancy box with that fancy handle, because your certainly not paying for whats in the box My laptop was $1300
  14. FINALLY! a good vista theme for firefox! thanks rick!
  15. Those Wolf pictures were stunning! this one was my fav :wub_anim:
  16. A compressed sidebar version of your windows live messenger contact list. Download
  17. A large gadget that provides a complete weather forecast Download
  18. A fair sized WIFI signal strength indicator Download
  19. The nifty media player that you saw in beta 1 of vista Download
  20. A gadget that shows the capacity and usage of drives, partitions, etc. Download
  21. A fair sized digital clock that tells 24 hour time Download
  22. A small sidebar gadget that compresses to show just the date when docked on the sidebar and expands to show the current months calendar and an analog clock when placed on the desktop. Download
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