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  1. Go to Wallpaper Right click choose modify enter "C:\Startup.bmp" Have the image in the same dir
  2. Cheers JurgenDoe Here is a 4:3 version
  3. Yeah sure it's called Simple date it has raving reviews It's one of the best gadgets I've used. You can get it here Along with some other great gadgets eg Everest Meter V1.0. All gadget links are down on the left It's also available on the live gallery but it an old version there
  4. Yeah running xp but I don't use vtp, I'm using windowblinds 5.5 enhanced with VistaPerfection theme with the Jemaho's styler toolbar Vista RC1 Vistart iColorFolder RocketDock And of course the vista sidebar with Alky
  5. Here's my bad boy :thumb_yello:
  6. Hi. Alky and the new sidebar are working sweet!!! but i noticed the windows sidebar styler in the alky manual so i decided to try it out, once i installed the styler the windows sidebar wouldn't boot So i had to uninstall it. Any ideas?
  7. Close your sidebar Right click on the sidebar.inf choose install then browse for the sidebar.cab file
  8. How do i install this i click on the .cab file but it just opens with winrar Sorry for the noob question :notworthy:
  9. It's proberly a windows blinds theme, there are many great ones out there You can also get ones to have the glass effect like vista http://browse.deviantart.com/customization...amp;alltime=yes
  10. I have been looking for this for so long i was previously using thoosje's sidebar till i found this. :thumb_yello: Thanks so much ricktendo64 :thumbsup_anim: Edit: Btw I just spotted the newer version 22 june is there any major differences? If i was to install that do i uninstall the current one and install the new
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