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  1. (I will keep my context searching post here...no double post..bad monkey bad monkey) I right click but silecting clean was so easy and quick. It was one of those intergrations i ussed every moment and got used to having. Granted on big batch files I use "Bulk Rename" but the context menu was quick and easy. I have it on Windows xp x86 but cant find a compatible copy for Windows 7 x64. If I could convert the context menu to be compatible for 64 I would. I thought Kell would have a 64 version of sade context menu. the journey continues....o.re..o.ooooh...oooohh
  2. as I repeat my self like the day of yester that hit me with the force of any icey fall to the pailing winter months that cause me to stirm with iner motion and speed...where was i oh yes the search for a great yet simple context menu.. great as it was magic and simple for it was not it's evil twin Complex. COmplex now he's a whole other story and that not without his accent. So the real question is are there any takers or any one have an idea to what I am getting at with the whole centext menu bit? Its not a bit or shtick or a farce or joke. And then I ask my self as I have returned though only of a short and new stay should I just look other places and scout far off land for fruitful ideas over the next hill?!?! Are there any context menu shells for the x64 Windows 7 that can clean file name especialy of download junk? And now I shall paint the scene as literal as a Korean Drama or like PBS on Saturday morning cartoon hour for. It is simple though with some eye opening cheer shall I find a context menu or shall I need to scout to the next level of wisdom? For I seek the context menu that can do and do only ythis ---------------->"i.e. turn "my.telivision.show.S05E06.HD.dvd.a.great.xvidBy.your.pal_X-)vid.avi" into "My Television Show 05x06" So I write this second post to tend the fire that burns late tonight to warm the aching thought and hope of a happy ending... ThankYou HT
  3. I am looking for a context menu addon that simply and quickly cleans a file name and is compatible to instal on Windows 7 x64. I have switched from Windows XP x86 to Windows 7 x64 and have all the proper programs and drivers installed for my new system. I just dont have the nifty and easy context menus option I had back on my older system. The old context menu option was in Kel's Uber Addons.(v13.8.6) I am interested in the context menu option for "Clean File/s" where it gets rid of junk from coverts and downloads,etc. I tryed intalling that addon,and v14.6, but Windows x64 does not like it. "Windows 7 Uberpackv3.2" was a no go, it was not x64 compatible. UberPacks and Addons that are Windows 7 x64 compatible; "Windows7 x64 Uberpack v4" and "Kels CPL Bonus x64" don't seem to have the context menu I am familiar with. Note: I unistaled when required before installing another pack or version. I have done a lot of searching and researching. I've been learning a lot but comming up with more questions then answers. Please let me know if I should post this in a better spot or need more info please let me know. Thankyou MrHelperTon
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