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  1. Hello sir
    I am writing you because I had the ocasion of your second flight software which is great I have version 3.05 in 2014 but there are new dism win10.10586've decided you do not update your software because when I want to French internationnal tab here error

    Erreurÿ: 267
    Can not ... acc,der image.
    Make sure the path to the Windows r,pertoire ACCSS and image exist and that you have read permissions on the folder.
    The DISM log file is ... the location C: \ Windows \ Logs \ DISM \ Dism.log
    Yet the picture is mounted there is another who has Evolved dism the mistletoe here the lein
    just a shame that it is no longer updated
    if you could respond to this message advance thank you for information

  2. Fixed in v3.1 It was the MS Sans Serif font, It took a lot of time for discover that bug, now it use Arial one. , So it is fixed in v3.1 Fixed in v3.1. Let me know any other suggestions. Fixed in v3.1.
  3. You Right, maybe is better translate all the commands, at the begining I left the real commands in English, like Mount-Wim, just for people who used the Dism.exe by console know what button do what command, that was my idea. So the Dialog defintly is a bug, .
  4. Done. Include your new file and the credits on the about box. The error of the script .js is directly on my website, I supouse that's why my theme is Responsive and dont identify well the internatl browser. I will check it, . Thanks for the feedback and the Translation.
  5. Done. Version 2.2 release include the Brazillian language and other fixes.
  6. Thank you for this valuable data, Thank you too, I will include the new language in next release.
  7. Thanks for the feedback I will make a new Java version as soon a can do it.
  8. Try Installing the Framework 4 I left you in this link: GDism Folder Of course, I just put the files in "Translate Files" subfolder of this folder: GDism Folder
  9. Release v2.1, let me know any bugs.
  10. Use the new Version (2.0) .NET with windows 8 support, the link in the firts post.
  11. Thanks guys for your support, I have release today a new version for .Net, any feedback well receive,
  12. Release: GDism .NET v1.0, , enjoy it
  13. I am working right now in the .NET version, so when I have chance I will updated the Java version. From now on I will publish the development version of GDism .NET ELDI
  14. Theoretically, yes. Thank you for the translation. I will add it in the next version. I was traveling for a several months, so I am back again. When I have chance I will add the news features and the new language.
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