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  1. dism update 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.upload.ee/files/6641409/Dism__10.1.21.3B_1ab43a2f49987222aeac927ebb229d53bef0dffc.zip.html https://www.upload.ee/files/6641409/Dism__10.1.21.3B_1ab43a2f49987222aeac927ebb229d53bef0dffc.zip.html
  2. Hello sir
    I am writing you because I had the ocasion of your second flight software which is great I have version 3.05 in 2014 but there are new dism win10.10586've decided you do not update your software because when I want to French internationnal tab here error

    Erreurÿ: 267
    Can not ... acc,der image.
    Make sure the path to the Windows r,pertoire ACCSS and image exist and that you have read permissions on the folder.
    The DISM log file is ... the location C: \ Windows \ Logs \ DISM \ Dism.log
    Yet the picture is mounted there is another who has Evolved dism the mistletoe here the lein
    just a shame that it is no longer updated
    if you could respond to this message advance thank you for information

  3. bonjour Monsieur j'ai bien suivi votre tutoriel nett framworks creer dans un dossier mais apres ou je met ses fichiers microsoft.net si pour pouviez me renseigner je vous en serait reconnaissant d'avance merci Hello sir I followed your tutorial nett framworks create a folder but after I put his or microsoft.net for files if you could inform me I would be grateful thank you in advance
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