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  1. Thanks, guys Now I'm trying to make available a function that will archive each section you like in zip for instant download. If I don't succeed, will zip manually these categories for you and post the links here.
  2. Thanks chief I would like to try Vista/7 style logonui, but sill too engaged to windows XP Don't know why, I'm fan of the old-fashioned way, have to change it.
  3. Hello guys, I managed to create couple custom logon screens, but only with replacing the BITMAP background image. Still cannot find out how to play with Unifile.txt. My Surreal & Sexy Logon Screens There should be some software managing the configuration files... Can you advice me on this ? Where can I learn more about programing unifile ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys ! I want to introduce you my website. Tried to collect as much wallpapers as it was possible. Selected them into categories, if you like to have a pack of some category please let me know. My Wallpapers Collection Enjoy !
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