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  1. the flip 3d is an apps that came with the VTP6 called TopDesk.. i think its free.. i am not sure.. you should search in google all the othera apps are FREE EDITED....Ok.. TOPDESK is not free but I found the 1.41 version wich didn't ask you for anything and it works well.. Search it in St Google!!
  2. Very COOL.. I'll try it.. .. I'll see what's it able to do!..
  3. YES!!.. there is a way.. if you have the Windows SideBar 5744 or any other.. download a Gadget.. change the extension *.gadget to *.zip... then create a folder into your GADGETS folder of your SIDEBAR.. with the same name of the gadget example : if your gadget is CPU_Meter.zip... he folder will be CPU_Meter.gadget and uncompress it the *.zip content into this folder.. after this the gadget is ready to use it.. I hope it could help you..
  4. i recommend rocket dock wich has more skills than object dock.. the only problem is that you only can run once of it.. the good news is that it consumes very low resources of RAM see ya!
  5. Well someone told me to participate here.. so.. I'll try to show you all what my XP has.. and something else.. hehehe... I am showing my PC Desktop and Extended Desktop Using: SO : XPSP2 MODS : VTP6 Vista SideBar 5744 Vistart 5 Beta RocketDock 1.31 YoDM_3D Enjoy it!! :thumbsup_anim: Edited.... I forgot show the four 3D desktops and .... ....the Flip Efect on XP EXTRA--Espatial and 3D effect Mixing
  6. I love XP....Vista still sucks.. it has not too much support.. most of apps. are on XP.. and the drivers are still to XP.. something else My XP looks like Vista and it is the same XP that I like .. Don't you believe it.? Watch this.. !! heehehe THIS AND THIS
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