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  1. Its right under the screenshot above, error.txt
  2. On first run all 15 addons were integrated fine. In second & third I got an error with one of them.
  3. 15 addons loaded up along with 97 hotfixes! so far so good! I'll let it finish and run it in vmware. Thanks! I don't recall this name in my hotfixes? this is new. oh, I see it now. nvm
  4. I still have the same errors as You with an A & B, and I am running Ultimate x86.
  5. I get the same thing as RicaNeaga except i am on x86
  6. test 20 doesn't integrate any of my addons, not even one. Adoons are ok and worked fine with previous builds (15-19) it says like this below, for every addon added;
  7. I ran few test yesterday using beta15,17,19 with KB2592687 and KB2574819 integrated, no errors at all and nagging in WU. Windows 7 Ultimate sp1 x86 refresh
  8. Greedy bastards! :ranting: :censored:
  9. I have been using beta15 and now beta17 and KB2592687-x86 (highlighted green as rest) doesn't show up in "Integrated" Tab after integration. But its there, tested in vmware. A bug?
  10. Hmm....I tried few times via setupcomplete and none of those works for me. edit: nevermind.
  11. Already tested it in vmware, works good. Thanks Rick!
  12. v.71 works fine for me, no complain
  13. Yes, I know you did, I been using it since last year or so, and I seen your post saying you would create 4.5 as well.
  14. Yes, you guys were right, i used those switches /quiet /norestart and the progress bar was gone.....however, there is a little window says "extracting files", how do I make it silence, if possible? thanks.
  15. Thanks for the tip, it works, but how do we make it silence - not showing those progress bar? I added this in setupcomplete.cmd START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe /passive /norestart
  16. Thanks for the tip RicaNeaga I unplugged external HD in my laptop and now it uses my SSD. All done in 18m56s
  17. new v.*68 is really slow, in my case it took 38min., when it usually takes under 20min. and i tested it twice, just to make sure it isn't "operator error".
  18. That addon works just fine in v.*67. Ask me how I know
  19. Just so you know, *67 fixed all my problems! addons are integrated and registered properly ....and those icons too! Thanks Lego! :gleam:
  20. Well, here they are: adobe flash player, VLC, Theme Resource changer, Image Resizer. Those are custom made addons but I can assure you they work 100% If anyone have an older build before *65, send it to me, I can run another test, I got plenty of time and road driving thru Mojave desert edit. I can confirm v. works perfect! all my addons are integrated and registered! duration time: 19m07s. Thanks compstuff for sending me that build, its a keeper
  21. Ok, I'll give it another shot and report back as soon as I'm done. edit: Well, whole process took 19m05s, which is OK, but those 5 addons still not there. And I know all my addons works 100% using older tool W7T130-102RC
  22. I just finished testing *66 and its very slow. It took 38min.! to integrate ~87 hotfixes and 17 addons....usually its under 20min. 5 out of 17 addons still nowhere to be found in add/remove programs.
  23. I use it sometimes to test my addons (x86 only) WA installer by DaRk MaDnEsS http://www.wincert.n...-wa-cmd-01-9-4/
  24. Damn, I still haven't unpack all my boxes yet since we moved into the new house...it was 5 years ago!
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