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  1. Not using the search option of the forum itself. You just have to search through the text on the page by clicking CTRL+F and typing the desired word.

    So Jurg did a mistake, well, from now on, whoever will use already used word, will not be able to post in this topic anymore. :icon_rolleyes:

    :oops: does that mean I can't play with you anymore


  2. Do you have everything installed like dotnetfx3, IE7, MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ 2005, WMP11 & Wireless LAN API (KB918997) ?

    If you install this first, reboot , install Alky for XP, reboot, install Windows Sidebar Installer and everything should run just fine. It did by me and I never got any problem after I had an clean install 2 weeks ago :thumb_yello:

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