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  1. poor laptops .. you're miss-using them for you as TV :type:
  2. Willkommen ... Welcome ... Bienvenido
  3. I'll win ... I'm lucky in that :thumbsup_anim:
  4. There will be soon another build out so why messing around with that
  5. TuneUp Utilities 2009 doesn't work :crying_anim02:
  6. Have it installed on my x64 bit PC and my lap is running the 7048 x32 bit version :thumbsup_anim:
  7. Got me now build 7048 for my x32 lappy and installed build 7048 for my x64 PC Runs very smooth so far .... just had some problems with a few gadgets in the beginning
  8. Don't be scared to try it out :type:
  9. I'm loving it ... only some gadgets don't work very well but I guess this will be fixed too ... just installed 7022 on my lap and will upgrade my big PC on the weekend with the 7048 x64 version :thumbsup_anim:
  10. I'm running it too on my lap and this weekend I'll install 7048 x64 on my big PC :icon_cool:
  11. You recycle bin is full .... time to empty that garbage :naughty:
  12. Thanks a lot for this :icon_cool:
  13. Happy New Year to everyone :fun: :hug:
  14. Well I believe you because I had many other ppl who was waiting for that too
  15. I promised Nick to write this tutorial but it took me a bit longer do to much work I have :angry: Ok here we go: 1. Open a new image File - New with transparent background. Fill this layer with the your choise of your color, but not to dark. Now select the Type Tool and use the same color that you used on your backround. Type the wanted text and click ok. Ctrl + leftclick your text layer to select the text. Your image should now look like this 2. Now go to Layer - Rasterize - Type Use Brightness/Contrast to darken the text a little bit. Image - Adjust - Brighntess/Contrast. Brightness: -10 Contrast: 0 Now we add some inner shadow to the text to give the text that chiseled look. Go to Layer - Layer Style - Inner Shadow. Use the following setting: Mode: Multiply Opacity: 75 % Angle: 120 Distance: 7 Choke: 7 Size: 7 If you use the effect on a bigger text you may want to increase the distance a little bit. Your image should now look like this. 3. With the text still selected create a new Layer and name it white shadow. Turn off the text layer by clicking on the eye icon Select White as your foreground color and fill your selection. Edit - Fill - Forground color Deselect with (Ctrl + D). Still at the White Shadow layer go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius: 2 pixels. Your image should now look like this 4. Select the Move Tool and move the white shadow layer 2 pixels down and 2 pixels to the right using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Turn on the text/cutout layer again. Turn down the opacity on the white shadow layer till you get your wanted effect. I turned the opacity down to 40 %. Your image should now look like this 5. To get rid off that "plastic" look we'll add some nifty cool effects Go to layer 1 (background layer). Duplicate this layer by dragging it down to the Create New Layer icon. You now should have a layer 1 copy. Turn off the new layer and go back to layer 1. Now go to Filter - Noise - Add Noise - Amount 25, Uniform and Monochromatic checked. Select the text/cutout layer and apply the same effect. Now go to the Layer 1 Copy layer and turn down the opacity to 90 %. Do the same with the text copy layer Your final image should look like this I hope you like this little tutorial and have fun by doing it on your own
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