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  1. Yup the sidebar is compatible with WB. Running right now WB 6 Beta and everything is running smoothly :thumbsup_anim: Nothing gets messed up here. I heard that WB 5 had some issues with Photoshop CS3 what I had experienced by myself but with WB 6 Beta everything is running fine now :thumb_yello:
  2. Thx Cro will dl and try it out :icon_rolleyes:
  3. DM could you please use another font color it's very hard to read on some themes if you don't use a dark theme here :icon_rolleyes:
  4. :icon_question: I could log in two days ago and now it's gone...dunno what happened. Maybe it's gone :tumbleweed:
  5. I'm using RocketDock...first of all it uses a minimum on resources and second it is better as ObjectDock :icon_cool:
  6. Well Steinberg Pinnacle System is very good and I'm using the MP3 player. MyMP3v5 absolutely fantastic tool and better as WMP :icon_rolleyes:
  7. Congrats Gorki for your first AddOn :thumbsup_anim:
  8. In my own opinion is Vista not worth to be installed that's why I stick with XP :thumbsdown_anim: First of all is Windows Vista not worth the asking price: 4 GB iso or $300 because Vista doesn't have so much new features! Why? Almost everything in Vista can be used in Windows XP via 3rd party software! Photo Gallery: Google Picasa 2 (maybe even better then wpg) Media Center: Media Portal Aero - Window Blinds Flip - TopDesk . I'm not talking about Themes, Fonts or System sounds etc. Many articles about vista stating: NOT SECURE ENOUGH! (security holes) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MANY PROGRAMS/DRIVERS EATS TOO MUCH MEMORY RUNS GAMES & PROGRAMS SLOWER THEN Windows XP USER INTERFACE - HARDER TO REACH MUCH NEEDED FUNCTIONS, LIKE FOR PROFESSIONALS! And another reason why it isn't worth @ all: WINDOWS SEVEN SHOULD BE RELEASED IN 3 YEARS, WHY DO I NEED VISTA IF IN 3 YEARS I MIGHT INSTALL SEVEN?
  9. Yup I saw it too on amazon.co.uk but it will be only released in Europe not here in the US. Anyway I only use Nero Burning Rom I've never found any use for the other programs... :icon_question: right now I'm using Nero Micro. It has the same burning engine, just without the bloat. :icon_rolleyes:
  10. Thanks Rick this is a great tut but I didn't need to do this because BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 did all this after installing the pack :icon_rolleyes: I just love this Pack more then VTP 7 because it hasn't any bugs so far and it comes with a lot free stuff too :thumbsup_anim:
  11. Thanks Cro-man I already been using CCleaner and I love this little prog. :thumb_yello: Very nice .png DMHolt57...going to get it for my RocketDock :icon_rolleyes:
  12. According to amazon.co.uk Nero 8 will be released on September 26, 2007 vs. According to Amazon.com Nero 8 is discontinued by manufacturer :thumbsdown_anim: Does anybody heard something about the new Nero version ??
  13. Remember those Windows Vista reliability and performance fix packs
  14. Thanks skyzerr I guess I forgot to put the 4x3 version into the zip
  15. Rick I'm using the Windows sidebar Styler but the TrueGlass or SimpleGlass doesn't show any transparency @ all. :icon_question: But anyway I find something different. A Sidebar Skin Gadget and there are many different skins you can apply right from your sidebar :thumbsup_anim: Fade, Clear, Curved Longhorn, Plex, Straight, Transparent Glass, AeroTribal, Aurora, BlackGlass, CurvedClear, Fresh, Simplistic Vista Edit: Forgot to mention that you must use the Windows Sidebar Styler in order you make this gadget working. Rick made a very great Windows Sidebar Styler v2.0.6 AddOn
  16. Wow that's a great number. Hopefully there will be coming more :icon_cool:
  17. This are some really nice vista Firefox skins. Thanks Rick :thumb_yello:
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