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  1. Yeah Rick I like that and will vote for this :albert:
  2. As Objectdock Owner I'm using this tool already :thumbsup_anim:
  3. ...may all your wishes come true
  4. Did I miss something here :g: .... Happylatebirthday ny friend :welcome:
  5. Here one with the Wincert Globe
  6. Damn scrat that looks awesome and the sidebar too. Care to share ...What sidebar is that ??? It looks just awesome
  7. I gave him some clothes and a cap :icon_cool: so he want freeze his ass of
  8. Yup the little baer is my very own creation ( copyright) and has nothing to do with the fella. This mascot is for use on Wincert only and is given from me to N1K N1K I'm still working on it but it's almost done. Just here and there a few changes and it will be YOUR'S :thumbsup_anim: Here is the latest update so far. Need to paint some claws on his feet too :crying_anim02:
  9. Here is what I came up with so far.... I personally like the brown one more. Rick suggested something like a panda look that's why I made some in white too :sweatingbullets:
  10. Thanks Kel ... I'll use it...do I have to uninstall your previous version of CPL ?? Already did I see a new Nero Info Tool too and a new GPU-Z
  11. :thumbsup_anim: great one Rick :thumbsup_anim:
  12. hahahhaha Rick soll ich mal in Deutsch schreiben btw you spell ja with a "J" not "Y" But the rest is very good :thumbsup_anim:
  13. What Theme do u use ezemjcsd. I guess you're using ObjectDock.....like the icons and what is this on top there where it says General Application and and ...looks fantastic Care to share ??? :icon_cool:
  14. WinXP Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize, tweak, and clean up Windows XP. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations. It's compatible with Windows XP SP2 entirely! You also can change your Logon Background Picture that it looks like in Vista and/or you can change your OEM (Original Equipment Manufector) images into you own. But there are much more possibilities and I'm using it for 2 years already and highly recommend this to everyone who likes to tweak his OS :thumbsup_anim: For everybody who want the StartUp Image like it is in Vista HERE you can download the bmp file The rar.file contains to images...one is for wide screen like most Laptops have and the other is for normal screen resolution
  15. Kel is right There is no such final SP3 this is just a PDF file on how they explain what SP3 would looks like :icon_cool:
  16. The Origination has nothing to do with Birth of Christ...it's to celebrate the Winter Solstice a very old Pagan culture what the early Christianity changed....that whole thing that Christ was born at this time what BTW is the biggest lie because he was born in March already. Constantin the Great made Jesus to an Immortal 150 years after his death because the Pagan and Christian where fighting each other for a long time. The Christian Cult grew by stealing and absorbing details from old pagan cults.... Like the image of the child god in the cult if Dionysus, he was pictured in swaddling clothes, like Horus he was born in a stable - the stable temple of the Virgin goddes Isis, or again like Dionysus who turned Water to Wine, like Aesculapius who raised man from the death and gave sight to the blind and like Attis and Adonis who where mourned and rejoiced by women or the resurrection of Mithras from a rock-tomb. As you see the Christianity is build on lies, killing and simply on manipulation and I don't believe in any of this. Jesus is not a god and never was. In his time they called him "Son of woman" today you would call him "Son of a b...."
  17. Yeah that would be great...I would like to try it out because the other sidebar eats a lot resources Love that Visual Style looks fantastic and something different from all the other ones :thumbsup_anim:
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