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  1. rebi

    vga problem

    hi my best friend i was send my laptop to china it has been solved the problem 120 $ and it work again :thumbsup_anim::pirate:
  2. rebi

    vga problem

    the laptop is trash i will send it to china unfortunately or maybe it can not be solved :thumbsup_anim: never mind freind
  3. 1- Extract the driver.cab or sp3.cab 2- find 4 file with this names : 1) ntkrnlmp.exe 2) ntkrnlpa.exe 3) ntkrpamp.exe 4) ntoskrnl.exe 3- with resource hacker open those files . 4- change the bitmap of picture in photo shop . for seeing the picture you must use this attached file 5- after changing files . replaced with original one in resource hacker 6- after saving replace those 4 file in sp3.cab or driver.cab 7- repack or archive it 8- be smarte like me 16 Bit.7z
  4. rebi

    vga problem

    plz chat online with me yahoo :rebvari@yahoo.com nimbuzz : Pashabara - in mobile every time
  5. rebi

    vga problem

    i take it out of hard drive and ram but it didn't work i read that it must be work for a long time to be worm and maybe it will be work
  6. for a long time i heard sound in the start of windows that i thought it about windows , but when i read in internet i find that is about directly graphic card (One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps Video Problem my notebook is : dell vostro 1310 vga : 512 geforce when i turn it on i heard those sound and i heard that windows start up just it dos not have any photo , i plug it a cabl of external monitor ,again it dint have photo to see ok so can you help me how can i solve it myself ?
  7. so honest so deep so serious but thanks
  8. for along time i cam back i use driver pack of http://driverpacks.net/ and its so good for my windows i use integrating hot fix of XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 1.4.7 20110111 really good and excellent just those time i see the driver pack finisher in the first log in of windows i file xplode soft to change the time of that just i did not know how can i do use this xplode if any body can help me ?
  9. hi so long to meet a lot of good friend here again i am here dears i see those picture when i chekdsk and restart for cheking disk wich text or file mast be edit ?
  10. i am coming back


  11. wow my god so amazing picture : ?? 1. Winstyle 2008. ?? 2. DarkGrey. ?? 3. Blue Avrora. ?? 4. Black Avrora. ?? 5. Longhorh Avrora. ?? very nice work thank you . here the new pic for you dear :
  12. ok smart man i got my mistake i see you have good guide for me .
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