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  1. I love you Rick. II tried in vain to integrate some of those updates into MCE. Thanks for all that you do.
  2. Well, my first try failed after first reboot, during starting services. But I did all my updates and everything in sysprep, so I guess I will try going slow, integrate updates offline, test, then do 1 app at a time. Other than Windows updates, I just added flash, Java, Burnaware free, VLC, Klite, Teamviewer (runs a service, so may be the issue), Silverlight, Adobe Reader, Cute PDF, IMGBurn, Revo Uninstaller and 7zip. Please let me know if you have any insights. Thanks.
  3. Hey Rick. First, let me say a big thank you for taking the time to help educate. It is very much appreciated here. I have 2 questions about using sysprep to build a custom Windows 7 build. First, can I use sysprep to integrate Windows updates? Second, how should I proceed with regards to AIO disk with 32 and 64 bit? I'm sure I need to start with 2 untouched disks, 1 32 and 1 64, but do I need to sysprep each version separately before I make the AIO or can I sysprep Ultimate version for both 32 and 64 and then make an AIO from that? Thanks!
  4. Well, I attempted integration of several SVCPACK cab addons, only a few worked. Revo Uninstaller worked, but no shortcut in start menu all progs, Klite worked and Arcade Pack integrated but was broken. Java, Foxit Reader, IMGburn, DVDShrink, VLC, BurnAware Free and Cutewriter all failed to integrate. All were SVCPACK cab addons.
  5. My friend, I have yet to try this, but I will very soon. Given the lack of addons for Windows 7, this should be very useful. I have used many of your and OnePiece's addons with XP recently. Thanks for all your hard work. OnePiece was recently assisting me with getting MCE updates integrated, and I was finally able to get all but one integrated. Your Universal addon maker was very helpful in integrating SP3 with MCE without breaking it. I have one question about this one that I hope you can answer for me. You said, "XP Svcpack addons don't need any modification but they won't appear in Installed addon list view, however they can be installable/uninstallable same way of true addons." Can you elaborate a bit on this? I have gathered all my XP Svcpack cab addons (and converted some 7z addons to cab) and I am wondering what exactly this means. What is installed addon list view? Is that just part of this app? Will the addons show up in Revo Uninstaller and Add Remove Programs? Thank you.
  6. I did all of this to a tee, but the resulting install has IE that won't open and WPA is borked. Can you tell me how to either get a real OEM copy of MCE 2005 w update rollup 2 or update the old version I have?
  7. Thank you, but this addon will not work with Nlite when the cumulative security update for IE7/XP (KB980182) is present. I narrowed it down to that update by integrating everything one at a time and testing with VMware after each. It doesn't matter if I integrate MAMW first or the update, once the update is present it corrupts MAMW and makes error_expanding_variables(0,9). This error does not occur with the cab for version 1.44. I attempted to repack using all the same settings from 1.44 to no avail. I believe there is some conflict intrinsic to this version. It seems to involve a missing file, mbamswissarmy.sys.
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