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  1. ahaaa is there a way to built it for win7 :questionmark: i want to use a silent program :sweatingbullets:
  2. any one from here http://www.winaddons.com/
  3. not for win xp i use it for win7
  4. i use cab file that can install in win xp
  5. hi when i whant to add cab file it go to not responding program
  6. ok when you move the mouse it is give you a star or whate imge you slecet website= http://www.tokyodownstairs.com/ sorye for my bad english
  7. hi Magic Formation md5 : E61B3A217C0A74D12C71124348146DFD
  8. hloooo This is my first post ClickStar2 md5 : 57F21DB9A905C3BE386D29B061F5D16C
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