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[CMD] Windows Live Messenger 2009


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Windows Live Messenger (English)

Info: Microsoft Instant Messenger. Includes SegoeUI fonts, Contacts, Windows Live Call, SkyDrive y Windows Live Sing-in Assistant (edited with the Tutorial by Shark007).

NOTE: If you want this installer to fully install during SVCPACK make sure to place it after a .NET Framework installer.

v2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206)

March 29, 2009


MD5: 3725a6c1c6ea8bd840ff1e68263c28c7


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Rick you do nice work :thumbsup_anim:

I do have one question, I just tested in vmware and when Windows boots the messenger window opens and I can see the icon in the taskbar, I would like it so they do not open, or atleast t he window does not popup ??

I check the registry under run and did not see it listed ??

Maybe you can help


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I integrate this into my XPCD and in Ms Virtual Pc 2007 it never appears installed at the end, is this addon designed to do this!! Thx gr8 work

I just integrated with nlite and tested in VMWARE .. it worked perfect

I am just trying to figure out how to make it not open on firstboot :questionmark:

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Thanks for the reply

I am currently trying to fix a few things with my CD.. testing in VMWARE, the first two times I installed Windows XP Messenger opened, but the last two it did not :confused02:

I will be trying on my Micro PC soon .. hopefully it won't open :P

Take care

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ok so this isint the first time i have an msi installer go crazy cause its temp files have ben deleted.its prety easy to fix it(poin it to the msi or arrange for the temp files not to be deleted) but i have no idea what would trigger thoses installers to chek for their temp files.i cannot find any reg entrie that would point to the missing file.the only work around ive found is that obviously u get ure sillent install to extract sumwhere so thta the temp file do not get cleaned up or deleted.ne ways thx if anyone has any ideas about this.

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thanks just one question i want to integrate a skin in this addon (in order to take it default) is there way to making that and how?
Just make sure your skin is installed on your PC, now just run Build_AddOn.cmd. Now when you get asked "Do you want to add your patched files to the installer?" just say Y

It will copy any messpatched files (also any skinned DLL's) and add them to the installer (this can also be done manually just copy the DLL into "Installer\PFiles\Windows Live\Messenger")

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