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  1. Theres plenty of them now More Godmodes
  2. REAPER, ur like a robot mate, nearly 20 addon posts in like less than 2 hours...lol Thanks for all these addons. Your hard works is really appreciated.
  3. Thanks kels for the update.. but i was just wondering what was updated in this release? any changelog?
  4. I dealt with many 1tb drives in the past, and personally i think WD are the best, their MAYBE slighly more pricey compare to similar sized other HDD brands, but you get what you pay for. All my HDD'S are WD 1tb with 2x 500GB now in one system. My old drives were Samsung Spinpoint 500gb's, and their not bad either. For some reason i dont like seagate HDD's anymore, even though i had them for just over a year, but then got rid of them via ebay.
  5. Hey rick, I must say, it is very fast, my boot time has also increased with all drivers installed. Its way faster than my Raptor x 150gb, and i think its because of the 15k RPM spindle speed. My system is flying with this drive (148gb 15K RPM). Now am just hoping I can get an SCSI RAID adaptor, so i can Set up using the RAID 0 config (SCSI RAID adpator are too expensive, still on ebay hoping to find a decent cheap one )
  6. I got the adapter from a friend of mine. Its an adaptec ULTRA 160 card.
  7. Ricks script does not work anymore with the new one, therefore i will just release it in "Switchless installer" section. I repacked VM7 my way, means you can still change things around, but without a scrip and use winrar instead to change commands etc. I will provide the link on this thread as well
  8. Thanks, i finally got them all working.
  9. Hello Guys, I need some help connecting SCSI hard disks to my workstation pc. I don
  10. Thank you Kels for this great post. I was actually planning to make something like this for my win7 x64, but as usual you did it again. Thank you
  11. Hi Am still working on this, so therefore i cant give you any details on the msi package and installed size. I will upload it soon.
  12. OK, I have managed to make a lite version. Now I just need to test it thoroughly before I post. The lite version i managed to get it down to "160MB" (Also has x64 support as well) EDIT: I think I can strip this down to "140MB" EDIT: 2 Am going to need more time on this one, theres something wrong, i know what the problem is, just need more time editing and fine tuning the MSI file
  13. Hey rick, am already working on this version 7 to make a lite version for my personal use. If i can make a lite version without breaking any features, then i would post it here for sure over 500MB when i extracted the package :ranting:
  14. My best footy game, this and COD are the only games i play on my pc. Cant wait for the release..
  15. Thanks so much for this, very usefull :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Thanks lego, cant wait to play about with this great tool
  17. The person who revolutionised music... king of pop MJ!!! RIP MJ
  18. Hi AMIRZ, am using windows standard edition x64, slipstreamed sp2 iso.... Regarding drivers, all my drivers are upto date.. Anyways next month am going to do a clean install of server 2008, maybe this time around i might be able to get it work...
  19. Really? lucky him, because even after a clean install, i couldnt get it to work, btw which codec pack is he using? I did double check my settings but still no luck.
  20. Hi, thanks once again for your help. I did try all of the stuufs you mentioned above, but still no luck. I just cant be bothered anymore.. Thanks mate
  21. Yep, they were just rumours, ricktendo was rite, its all about fixing bugs nw, no more features.
  22. I just installed that 7201 build, cant see any new features (maybe there are, still fiddling about with this build to see if there is anything new, which i doubt), so i guess they were just rumours.
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