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  1. Done! I made one for 64 bit systems, tested it and its all working fine. (Its x86/x64, and is only 15-16MB bigger compare to ricks) Anyways i will ask for permission first to upload here. EDIT: Thanks rick for your permission to post People who have been buggin rick for an x64 vmware lite version, here you go . This also has the x86 files as well. http://rapidshare.com/files/150094325/VMwarelite.7z.html NOTE: This vmware addon builder will show "pop-ups (Tips, EULA, VMTools or Warnings)" I forgot to add ricks preferences.ini file which disables the pop-ups during install.
  2. Ok... i have been very busy lately, so i never really looked deep into x64 version of vmware. I will soon make one, and with Ricks permission, will upload it here. The instructions are quite clear on how to make a x64 version, but i guess your (AnimaliX) not familiar with msi editing and stuffs. You need to know msi editing in order to make x64 version with removed files, like ricks x86 version. If you dont mind having all vmware installation files eg linux.iso.... then no msi editing is required, you can just 7zip all extracted files and make the addon with ricks cmd addon builder
  3. NP Thanks for quick reply. I actually tried running all the app on vista x64 (vmware), and yes, hardly any of these apps work. Hopefully these apps will be available for vista x64 in future
  4. Will be waiting for a Vista 64 bit version. Great work kels, keep it up :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Does this work on Vista 64 bit ? Or if possible can you make a version for Vista 64 bit? Thank you
  6. Awesome tool, just what i was looking for to make my inf writing/editing more simpler and less time consuming. Thank you for another excellent script tool :worthy:
  7. Once again, thanks rick for your help and fast reply :thumbsup_anim:
  8. Hi ricks, is there a way i can add the 64 bit files from the original setup file or from my HDD installation directory "program files (x86)" to this awesome addon builder? If possible then please write a simple short guide. Thank you
  9. Thanks for a fast update rick. btw there is a typo mistake on your first page. (am pretty sure) it should be VMware Lite v6.5.0 build-118166, not v6.0.5 EDIT: VMware Lite addon builder works like a charm, BUT it does not install the lite version of VMware on x64 OS (am on vista x64) Rick, is this normal, not installing on x64 OS, or a bug with the builder?
  10. Love this app. I switched to IZArc lately, which i prefer over Tugzip, but going to give this customized version of TUGzip a try. Thank you for a great addon
  11. Thanks for your help rick, i will do that and will let you know. Btw am trying to add these context menu for vista x86 OS not XP Thank you EDIT: It worked. Thanks so much ricks :thumbsup_anim:
  12. Thanks rick, i will have a quick look at your cmenu and kels uberpack addons inf file
  13. Hi Am trying to add ONLY a context menu. For example i want to have this as the name "tools" eg Tools>addon maker, script editor, and so on Basically all my tools and utilities are located in system32/tools directory, and i want to access them via context menu (right click>tools) and also have 2 or 3 menu's inside the "tools" context menu, and have them pointed to my exe files which are located in system32/tools directory. How do i add this context menu(s) via inf? A basic inf template for this will do, as i do have a bit experience with inf files. Thank you
  14. Thank you V.much for fast update. :thumbsup_anim:
  15. Check here. Guide number 11, is your answer http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2
  16. Userprofiles, thats were it stores it preferences, etc.
  17. Thanks for this great update Dark_Knight :thumbsup_anim:
  18. These awesome kels addon packs can be installed on vista and also server. BUT It involves some MAJOR inf editing, and also removing a few apps, as they are not compatible on vista/server 2008. I got kels uberpack installed on my server2008 x64, but i had to do LOTS of inf editing to get it to work. Unfortunately i lost my custom kels uberpack I made for vista/server, and really have no time to redo everything. So basically its possible
  19. Exactly what i was looking for, (for addon makers) i was going to make something like this, but never had the time. Great work :thumbsup_anim: Can you please upload to some other alternative links, rapidshare server is always playing about.. thanks
  20. Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your effort and uploading a modified easy to edit IDM addon. Addon works like a charm with my own personalized settings Thanks :thumbsup_anim:
  21. i got everything working just the way i wanted. (recently learn't how to do advanced inf editing by reading those pdf inf guides. ) so it was easy for me understand and edit the inf advanced settings in your addon thanks
  22. Awesome toolbar styles. :thumbsup_anim: btw can i edit the "inf" file to have my preferred toolbar style set as default? if i can then how? thanks EDIT: I think i got it now. HKCU,"%DM%","ToolbarStyle",0x0,"xxxx my style name xxxx"
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