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  1. WOW Thanks Rick very nice update :thumbsup_anim: :prop: :worthy: :punk:
  2. Thanks mate but that what i currently have
  3. Hi all could some please help, redo or point me in the right direction on how to make this boot screen, up to date Oh and it wood be great to change the load bar to a more Viatish one as well;) Thanks in advance Screen Shot
  4. Hey Gorki could u leave instructions on how to add the skins to the add-on maybe as, this add-on could get quite big as there are so many great skins
  5. Just change the Icon's mate, make it look like what ever ya want
  6. WOW I thought it was another add on causing the problem thanks Greg
  7. Hey Rick CCleaner v2.04 [17th Jan 08] is out (fyi) http://www.ccleaner.com/download Thanks
  8. hey Rick fyi QTAdressBar has an update QTAddressBar
  9. Hey Thanks Rick 4 the updates and Thanks Amnesia for fixing that small problem , Oh and "Rock Chick" looks cool
  10. cool thought i was going crazy at first LOL
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