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  1. Hi, I'm having a strange issue.... Which option exactly specifies where the silent installer is actually created because i can't even find it lol i tried the desktop but that didn't work... Have to say that this addon has saved my butt quite a few times. Thanks for your work!
  2. Is this supposed to work with SP3 because I haven't had any luck... Does it have to do with uxtheme.dll and the version that is in SP3 and the Entries file in this addon? or nlite 1.4.7 not properly patching the uxtheme.dll to allow unisigned themes to run? Thanks for the addon and your good taste.
  3. 1. Registry Mechanic (new v7) 2. Registry Booster 3. Combined Community Codec Pack 4. Newest Power Archiver 5. SpyBot Search and Destroy Thank You! :crying_anim02:
  4. 10.2 new version. Thanks for work on this addon. :thumbsup_anim:
  5. new version released. Please update... and do I appreciate this plugin.... YA **** RIGHT! :thumb_yello:
  6. follow msfn's unattended xp guide. just google it. :smiley_superman2:
  7. sweeeeeeet. like the next day service :thumbsup_anim: Thanks Ricktendo.
  8. new version of this software: 10.11 if u want to make it as a swtichless installer... I wouldn't mind... btw for the registry info is this what i do in an .inf: :icon_question: [Version] Signature=$Windows NT$ [Optional Components] PwrArch [DefaultInstall] OptionDesc ="Registry Entries" Tip ="Registry Entries" Modes =0,1,2,3 AddReg =REGEntries.AddReg [PwrArch] OptionDesc ="Registry Entries" Tip ="Registry Entries" Modes =0,1,2,3 AddReg =REGEntries.AddReg [REGEntries.AddReg] HKCU,"Software\PowerArchiver\General","Regname",0,"NAME" HKCU,"Software\PowerArchiver\General","Regnumber",0,"SERIAL" i basically just ripped it from ultra iso and just renamed it to go with powerarchiver.
  9. how would you go about adding the serial and name to the .inf for this addon?
  10. love this program :thumbsup_anim: greatly appreciated! can i request registry booster, nod32, perfectdisk, and cuteftp? and also for codecs... i find that CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is much cleaner (less conflicts) and more efficient than k-lite mega codec pack... check it out and it'd be nice if it were made into a an addon :icon_rolleyes: darn (no * here haha) I'm a greedy bastard lol :whistle: oh one more thing... is it at all possible to slipstream office (2007) with windows xp... and if so I'm pretty sure I'd have to burn the iso to dvd...? am i just pulling at nothing or is this possible? thanks in advance... :thumb_yello: yeah.
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