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  1. sir plz provide me a boot screen





    PLZ SIR i am waiting come online plz

  2. avi not working_----_-------_-____---_----
  3. ravirajpoot


    download link not working :sweatingbullets:
  4. many many thanx to you and www.wincert.net
  5. thanx for help but it is a shareware software i hv no money for buy it any one help me and conver above gif for me or make best avi for me ?
  6. :doh: :doh: :help: :help: plz ani one help me to make avi for my sp3 becoz i try lots of time but no success. when i place WINDOW7 avi working fine in shell32.dl_ but this gif i convert to avi not working why
  7. :welcome: to all from last 2 weeks i m working on my own xp soccer edition... toady i change the xp avi to window7 animation avi in shell32.dll with Resource Tuner, and save it and by using cmd command makecab . i convert the shell32.dll in to shell32.dl_ and place in into my xp cd i386 and test window in VMware Workstation working fine.. i decide to add my own avi so with the help of photoshope i make pic series 123456789.... and conver it into gif with the help of this soft unfreez and conver the gif into avi wit help of gif to avi converter and place into shell32.dll with Resource Tun
  8. :thumbsup_anim: good one sir thanxxxxxx
  9. :worthy: sir i want for my Unattended Windows soccer edition is it work if i change * ntoskrnl.exe - Windows Single Processor Kernel * ntkrnlmp.exe - Windows Multi Processor Kernel to ntoskrnl.ex_ ntkrnlmp.ex_ by using of cmd makecab command ?????????????????????????
  10. how to change sound with own files i m trying to making my own xp soccer addition i want wakka wakka song as start up any one help me
  11. AddonFoxitReader_4.00.0619 has uploaded on ziddu.com pl download

  12. give screen short where i put these lines $SF_1 = "app.exe" If WinExists ( $SF_1 ) Then Exit AutoItWinSetTitle ( $SF_1)
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