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  1. The malware file had been removed. But the startup/registry entry remains. A CCleaner registry clean-up might help...
  2. 1 great reason to upgrade ... Windows 7 is a lean, mean, fit Vista
  3. ^ Yes you must have received the serial 10 websites have been being declared by the Judges, and have been put up for a public vote. Click HERE to cast your vote for your favourite Windows Vista Website, and in the process also get to know some other real good ones !
  4. UPDATE: The first 100 participants who submit their Blog/Website's will also get a FREE 6 months licence of ESET Smart Security Suite, which includes the acclaimed NOD32 Anti Virus. The idea behind the contest is to recognize some of the finest Windows Vista Websites & Blogs and in the process have fun too. And as such, winning apart, this should also be a great opportunity for Vista Bloggers to showcase their blogs
  5. Pls check if it has landed in your Bulk/Junk box. Anyway, your account has been activated manually, so you can now go ahead and post it
  6. We are organising a contest to recognise some of the best Windows Vista Blogs and Websites. Steve Sinchak MVP of TweakVista.com, John Barnett MVP of VistaSupport.mvps.org, Kerry Brown MVP of VistaHelp.ca, Steven Bink of bink.nu, James Stables of Windows Vista Magazine, Emil Protalinski of Arstechnica and myself are some of the judges. This should be a great opportunity for Vista bloggers to showcase their blogs. There are prizes to be won too. The contest will be open from 10th Aug 2008 to 09th Sept 2008. Details HERE.
  7. There are several sites, mentioning tweaks about how to create a Flip 3D shortcuts on the desktopp: Basically as follows: Right click on your desktop. Select New > Shortcut. Copy-Paste RunDll32 DwmApi #105 into the location box > Next. In name enter Flip3D, and click on Finish. Copy/Cut-Paste your new shortcut where ever you want. But fewer mentioning how to reclaim the Flid 3D icon. Here is how how can use the original Flip 3D icon: A copy of the Flip 3D icon is present in each user profile, and also in the Default user profile. Follow these steps to restore the icon to your user account: Click Start, type the following and press Enter : %systemdrive%\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch Right-click the Switch between windows shortcut and choose Copy (Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+C) Click Start, type the following and press Enter: %userprofile%\ AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch Right-click an empty area in the folder, and choose Paste (Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+V) This way not only have you created the Flip 3D shortcut on your desktop, but given it back, its original icon.
  8. Here is a way to convert Google or any Gadget and use it on your Vista's SideBar. I have tried it successfully with Widgets from widgetbox too. You can transform almost any gadget into one that can live on the Windows Vista sidebar or your Desktop. Download & Install Amnesty Generator. Then, choose a Web gadget you'd like to turn into a Vista gadget, click a few buttons to display the gadget's underlying HTML code. Copy and paste that code into Amnesty Generator, change a few settings, such as the gadget's name or size, if you wish, and tell Amnesty Generator to turn it into a Windows Vista gadget. The gadget will appear in the Windows Vista Gadget Gallery. From there you can move it to the Sidebar or even your Desktop.
  9. can be downloaded here http://www.mediafire.com/?8gz9xhpmwij
  10. sp1 coming...not coming... finally...Both Vista SP1 XP SP3 beta's have been released by Microsoft to it's beta testers. Vista SP1 build string is : 6001.16549. XP SP3 build string is : 5.1.2600.3180 It is also reported that currently Vista SP1 is being tested with the full ISO and the 32bit ISO size is 3.07GB and 4.3GB for the 64bit editions. XP SP3 comes with less than 300MB size and consists of more than 300 hot fixes, some of which has already been resolved in post SP2 hot fixes.
  11. wow i can see that a lot of hard work has gone into it. congrats and thanx !
  12. When you first install and run Windows Vista, it will calculate your Windows Experience Index score to evaluate your computer's speed and graphics capabilities. Rt-click on Computer and click on Properties. Here you will get to see your machines Windows Experience Index ! My hpdv6226us shows ALL OF 2.2 actually! But you can easily change this figure as follows ! Well, this is more of a gag tweak, actually ! Go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore and check for the latest xml file. Open it with Word. Navigate to Lines 12-19. They will show scores of your PC on various accounts. Although the scores are meant to have a range from 1.0 to 5.9, you can just change the main one in Line-12 to whatever figure you want. Save the file with the same name. You may have to disable UAC. Now check your WEI ! It will show you the figure you wrote ! And your "new" WEI will be permanently saved till you run the performance test again. Features of software relying on your Windows Experience Score will now ALSO get enabled. eg. if your score is below a 3.0, you can
  13. downloaded the recyclermd file, rtclick, intsall, rebooted. not workin in my vista ultimate. checkd in startmenu props>customize, the recycle bin option was checked. stil dznt appear !? wat did i do wrong !?
  14. You can also get your BSOD auto-analysed at the Microsoft
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