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  1. Both IE7 and WMP11 are installed. Pink box behind cpu gauges, pink outline behind iweather, pink mixed in with media player. most gadgets look and work ok. I tried everthing I know and have hit a wall. This seems to be a ongoing problem with some users with no solution?
  2. Anyone know how to get rid of the pink box surrounding the cpu gadgets same as mentioned in post 106, I am using windows home on a laptop I have spent two hours trying to fix this. I did a new clean install all the way. New alky Install went ok, re-registering dll's ok still no go. I do not have this problem on my desktop with windows pro Any help would be appreciated. Thanks segun
  3. I am using Nero 7 premium. Uninstall now works placed the file in windows\inf.
  4. sorry I posted in the wrong section if a mod could move this or delete I would appeciate it
  5. Hey rick I can't get the nero gadget to work so I tried to uninstall from the control panel but I get a message" error Could not locate INF file DiscCopy inf I would like to get a clean uninstall any ideas? When I try to run nero gadget I get file corrupted please reinstall nero. Thanks I am using you installer and up and running windows sidebar having a lot of fun with it. Seguns
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