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  1. I couldn't see any differences between v56 and v57 AIO tool :g:
  2. I have looked the file. You are right. That's quite clear. Nothing needed. Cheers.
  3. Adding comments in popular-unattended creator may be useful. It helps us remembering and becoming organised. <!-- This is a comment in autounattend.xml somewhere -->
  4. I don't understand what thouse options are. Please add a warning notice: "do not use if you don't know" Or you may add advanced users tab. Idiot users such as me should keep away LOL
  5. I could't delete w7t from my NIS2011 antivirus and SONAR exlusions list to see "details" and "origins" tab again because the list is empty ! :ranting: I could't find w7t in history neither. :g: I downloaded w7t on my desktop and extract. Run as administrator. When it finished checking for updates, norton blocked and deleted it to the quarantine. Really? How can I understand? It is 90 day trial downloaded from symantec.Anyway, I think that is not an important issue. Thanks answering. Cheers.
  6. Yes, it said someting: The responses for and were the same.
  7. Norton Internet Security 2011 deletes w7t 1.3.052 beta because of supicious file. I have added it to the exclusions list. That's ok. I have started to test it and think about ideas. There is no idea yet LOL
  8. Good work Lego, thanks. w7t 1.3.052 beta - downloads - ie9 msu Microsoft link http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/internet-explorer/downloads/ie-9/worldwide-languages gives exe, not msu :g: Can I integrate my IE9-Windows7-x86-trk.exe ?
  9. Thanks answering. I have "always install" options checked. I had an uttanded exe installer Roccos_WLMessenger_unattanded_15.4.3508.1109_tr.exe When I deleted it from silent instals, no problem occured. I think that file causes the problem. Regards.
  10. I have integrated 10 win7toolkit addons and one rocco's unattended messenger 2011 to my win7 DVD succesfully. Almost at the end of win7 installation a W7T Runonce (d:) captioned form waits me check or uncheck 4 addons. They are malicius software remowal tool, Reaper's framework4, Reapers's adobe flash and adobe java. when I hit the start button, installation instals 4 addons. I don't want to interrup my installation. Any idea ?
  11. w7toolkit shows an error: "System couldn't find the file" c:\users\ctn\desktop\packages.exe /p ... When I hit the ok button, everything is ok. Is that an error? Cheers.
  12. windows 7 toolkit alpha iso making task lasts for a few minutes. After a cafee break, I forget what I do. It may be useful adding "iso making finished" message box to the end of iso maker. Cheers.
  13. VLC media player 1.1.11 türkçe addon bulamadım, en yenisi 1.1.4 çok eski.
  14. I agree with you. I don't use sp1 integration with my unattended win7 dvd. But I don't understand your advice exactly. - dowload or get win7 sp1 DVD from Microsoft. - after installing win7, run sp1 file. - that's it. Am I right? Which win7 service packs should I add to my unatted win7 DVD? Regards.
  15. good for you :prop: please walk around Esplanade Park for me I miss it.
  16. I have just tested MSU>CAB converter. It was ok. Thank you.
  17. Hey Lego Did you get your invitation towel for the Royal wedding? Forget fixing bugs for a while. Go and tell us about ceremony on Friday Kiss Catherine Middleton for me :dribble:
  18. I tried to convert IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x86-trk.msu to .cab I didn't do any other tasks.
  19. Hi MSU>CAB converter gives an error. it says that startindex can't be bigger than its lenght. win7sp0, W7T Plesae fix it. Cheers.
  20. Could you update this to 1.1 ? thank you eric.
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