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  1. Hello there... dude What is the size of your monitor??? 640x400.... If it is a laptop, even that is too small....
  2. Here is my Desktop Screenshot for August.... I'm sorry Arnab... but Wut can I do? Hope you like people.... cheers...
  3. Very thanks for this one guys... :thumbsup_anim: ... Cheers...
  4. MrNxDmX tell me if you r using Windows DreamScene??? nice desktop body
  5. Thank you ricktendo64, me alegra saber que a alguien le guste mi escritorio... saludos... take care body... :thumbsup_anim:
  6. :thumbsup_anim: Hello windowsguy, I'm using Vista Transformation Pack 7.1 & Windows Blinds 5.5 Enchanced Edition with the Windows Vista Theme (this theme is genuine his size is 17Mb, not fake theme :nono: ( 1.84Mb, 5Mb )... This is the real deal..... and the Vista Sidebar from Ricktendo.... :clap: Cheers..... :thumb_yello:
  7. Desktop Screenshot July 2007. :smiley_superman2: I'm so sorry for my last desktop screenshot... here is the new... :icon_question: Desktop July titonx
  8. Desktop Screenshot titonx July 2007 :smiley_superman2: I'm so sorry with my last screenshot... :icon_question:
  9. Si yo hablo espa

  10. Ricktendo, tengo una pregunta, hablas espa

  11. Nice job dude... keep working... :thumbsup_anim:
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