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  1. is there any way available to integrate updates in our win 7 install source?
  2. yeah i know, I was trying to delete this post after getting ur reply on MSFN but no option was available, so accept my apologies please
  3. I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I've observed many customized windows 7 edition with changed date in the screen placed below but I don't know the way to edit Any help would highly be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. howto delete just one special folder? the script is written to delete specific folder just put the name of 'folder to be deleted' in the "dir to delete" area
  5. hi vishal

    i really like ur tweaks

  6. i've used nlite to make unattended xp, everything is working fine. i'm trying to assign a password to users through user accounts which is also accepting it. but when i m restarting the computer, xp is loading without asking for any password or user selection. any solutions pls.
  7. hi all My name is Shehek, m from Quetta-Pakistan. I'm interested in learning unattended windows and addons, that's why m here.
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