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  1. Hmm OK thanks. I got Alky to install but the sidebar doesn't do anything when I right click the sidebar.ini and click install.
  2. I'm now running Windows XP Pro x64. Does this work with this OS Version?
  3. What's the best way to install this over the older VAIO version?
  4. What a brilliant little install!
  5. I'm sure there is for IP Board, but I use vBulletin myself so I wouldn't know where to find it. Sorry. I have one on my forum and it saves all the messing about
  6. No problem, I'll find a static one to use. You should install a signature image size limiter on to the forum, saves having to explain the forum rules
  7. That's good then, can't wait for them to release that. I had Vista installed of my PC for 6 months and hated it, but it looked great. So now I have XP Pro that looks like Vista, best of both worlds IMO.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, I have sorted the signature but I can't find anything wrong with the AV. I see animated signatures are not allowed but it doesn't mention AVs.
  9. Hello, My name is Chris, I'm 24 and I'm from the UK! I am a Computer Systems Engineer and I also own www.puntosports.co.uk and www.puntoboy.com Found this site when looking for a Vista Sidebar for WinXP. :thumb_yello: :thumbsup_anim:
  10. Thank you Riktendo, this is an excellent addition. Is this definitely cured with VAIO B3?
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