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  1. restore Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar?
  2. win 7 x64 sp1 services > distributed link tracking client - startup type not set (i set as disabled and it was automatic) Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64 - was set to automatic. i loaded a preset and for some reason this (and several other services) were checked, yet no change was made to the startup type
  3. win 7 x64 sp1 tweaks > explorer > adjust visual styles > best performance - failed completely - all visual effects were enabled
  4. absolutely - my hat is off to developers who choose to get involved in projects like WTk, n/vLite, the update packs, etc. because, as you say, there's no prospect whatsoever of a "finished" product. many of the people i'm aware of are in this for the long haul and show a degree of dedication that far surpasses my own
  5. compstuff provided a link to a KB list with detailed information in it - this is powered by SoLoR, Chris123NT and mydigitallife... Windows7 x64 update list perhaps these titles/descriptions could be integrated into the 'Update Catalog' UI as well? could also include hyperlinks to the relevant MS page or, better yet, include all of it... KB | Date | Title | Description | Link | Article | Type | KUC-Type | x64 | Client | Server also wanted to add link to the KUC tool ... http://www.windows-update-checker.com/ update lists... Windows7 x64 Windows7 x86 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Windows Small Business Server 2011 ess. Windows Home Server 2011 Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 ess. Windows7 x86 embedded Windows7 x64 embedded
  6. i think the tooltips are pretty important to noobs [like me] and it's kind of annoying they close sooner than some can be read with a default tooltip delay what about a boarderless splash text window (SplashTextOn() in the AutoIt world) that appears as long as control is hovered (possibly with option to hide these)? - or - a status area at the bottom of the UI that displays the tip when control is hovered? if something like this were done, perhaps the 'Basic', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' controls could all be combined under the 'Main' tab in groups labeled 'Basic', etc. and the tab control could be dumped, resulting in a cleaner UI IMHO
  7. as in it doesn't download, or isn't displaying the files? this happened to me too, but apparently the cause was that the server(s) were off-line (nothing to do with WTk) and YES! that link you provided is great! i see SoLoR is involved in that as well. i'd suggest the link be added to WTk UI also - one thing i don't like with the update downloader is that no titles or descriptions are provided - perhaps these titles/descriptions could be integrated into the UI as well - that would be really helpful! one better would be to also include hyperlinks to the relevant MS page, or include all of it... KB | Date | Title | Description | Link | Article | Type | KUC-Type | x64 | Client | Server EDIT: also wanted to add link to the KUC tool (other good stuff there as well) ... http://www.windows-update-checker.com/
  8. allow system disk partitioning from the UI? any thoughts on possibly using the System Image Manager as a front-end for unattended.xml? or do you gotta package the whole bloody WAIK (1.3 GB)? also requested : disallow the creation of the hidden recovery partition on install (for autounattended too)
  9. as long as you're extracting files from the exe, i'm noticing that the files are not being deleted on exit in some cases... if check for updates is enabled and the version being started is old, and you click 'yes' to download the update (program exits), extracted files remain i'm also seeing the 'SevenZipSharp.dll' file remaining in other cases, though i can't specify how to reproduce just yet maybe there's some sort of exit routine you can run on WinToolkit.exe exit to be sure the cleanup always runs?
  10. i did, yeah. why, did i screw something up?
  11. re: component remover... bad description on my part - i meant 'dependencies' and apparently i meant in the AIO-I component remover in other words if you remove a component that has dependency components, they should become checked also. this does happen in component remover, but does not happen from the AIO Integrator component remover ... speaking of which, is the latter really worth having? 2 component removers seems a bit confusing/redundant maybe (i know they work in a different way, but the Component Remover is better than the AIO-I one and does everything it can do)
  12. request : not sure if this is worthwhile or not ... since WTk relies on DISM and its limitations, maybe it would be beneficial to add an edit control where one can enter file names to manually remove (perhaps add a tab control and just add an edit control in the new tab) this would be more useful if presets could be loaded also, if this were done, perhaps an area on the forum could be dedicated to manual component removal where users could post their own file lists for particular components for the minimalist folks this could end up as a pretty cool feature perhaps - you could even possibly download user created lists/scripts from within WTk with a similar interface as the the component remover - checkboxes with 'Name', 'Description' and possibly even a 'Rating' (also red/yellow/green row colors). so you could have kind of like a simple add-on creator for making the file lists ...or am i going way off the deep end here
  13. it's just a conflict is all - you have 2 update checkboxes and they don't agree; 1 in options and 1 on the update window (when clicking button on main UI to check for updates) if the former is UNchecked, and the latter is checked, then i would expect the update check at startup to occur, but it doesn't (the latter should override the former and set it to checked state also) personally, the simplest solution may be to just dump the option in the update checking UI so the only checkbox is in the main UI > options. failing that, the 2 should probably be in sync
  14. Component Remover request : allow loading presets
  15. hmmm - didn't know that. if that's the case, then perhaps 'Music and Video Examples' component should be colored red
  16. i'm assuming this exists in .25 - can't tell because i'm using latest ( 'Win Toolkit Options' > 'Main' tab - there's an option to check for updates - unchecked in .24, if there was an update available you got a window with the new version and download button, at the bottom of which is a checkbox to check for updates on startup that is checked by default, but the check never takes place suggest removing this all together and just having the update checkbox in 'Win Toolkit Options' perhaps?
  17. hehe, that's why i PM'd you asking if you wanted separate topics, which i thought you did - sorry about that. i must have misunderstood
  18. GENERAL IMPRESSIONS first of all, i really appreciate the effort and i thank the dev(s) and all those who contributed to this project. it is not often i donate to developers (i simply don't have the funds), but nLite, Ryan and now WTk are 3 great exceptions coming from nLite, and factoring in my limited knowledge, here's some things i'm noticing with WTk... SUGGEST : perhaps it should be made clearer exactly what WTk is working with - the live system or an off-line source. i just downloaded 49 hotfixes and installed them, assuming they were being integrated into the off-line installation ... wrong i missed the control group label, the button tooltip and didn't read the guide - my fault, sure, but i think this should still be made crystal clear, such as by indicating in the title bar and/or status exactly what's being manipulated Note: Renamed 'Online Installers' group to 'Online Installers - Current OS'. All other tools work offline except these two. Compared to what W7T looked like in v1.3.x, v1.4.0 was a big improvement in the UI. SUGGEST : personally, i would much prefer if WinToolkit.exe did not package additional files which are extracted and deleted as needed - i'd rather see all the contained files as with most other programs if possible. this especially got my attention when 'UTH.exe' was apparently extracted and tried to connect to an IP unexpectedly when i applied reg tweaks to my live system and then was deleted, leaving me wondering what just happened (i've since learned this is the theme patcher exe and apparently it's checking for an update) Note: There's a reason for this, i used to have all the files external but i kept getting error logs because people deleted them, also they're a lot of files to the root folder would be cluttered and hard to find the main WinToolkit.exe, however later on i may move to an installer then the files may become external. SUGGEST : when browsing to select a directory in many of the tools, the default seems to often be the user root directory. this should default to the program root, or to the last selected Note: It now remembers last directory used. Update Retriever ENHANCEMENT : without reading the guide, it isn't clear if we're working with an off-line or live system. this could be indicated in the titlebar maybe? Note: Nothing i can really do about this, all the tools in 'Main' work off-line whilst 'Tools' work online. Again, compared to v1.3.x version 1.4.0 has helped a lot. FIX : the lower part of the form resizes vertically when resizing the window vertically (size should remain fixed) Note: Fixed, thanks. BUG? : many of the following warnings in error log, but updates all downloaded successfully: Note: I have no control over the update log what-so-ever, that's all done by Microsoft. 2012-05-26 10:44:27:048 316 b48 PT +++++++++++ PT: Synchronizing extended update info +++++++++++ 2012-05-26 10:44:27:048 316 b48 PT + ServiceId = {9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77}, Server URL = https://www.update.microsoft.com/v6/ClientWebService/client.asmx 2012-05-26 10:44:27:200 316 b48 DtaStor WARNING: Attempted to add URL http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/secu/2012/04/windows6.1-kb2688338-x64_aaea556a4bec3a5e3495f240499729c2a586d478.msu for file qupVakvsOl40lfJASZcpwqWG1Hg= when file has not been previously added to the datastore Update Catalog SUGGEST : i think this is confusing as there are 2 instances of the 'Update Catalog' button ('Main' > 'Basic' and 'Downloads') which apparently do different things; one points to the SoLoR and McRip repositories while the other points to hotfix.chris123nt.com. it is my understanding that hotfix.chris123nt.com is a mirror of only the SoLoR updates. seems like the the functionality of both of these buttons should be combined maybe? Note: Combined both buttons. also i found it difficult to figure out how to download all the post SP1 updates - it's kind of confusing when there's 3 sources being used and the description of the SoLoR and McRip updates might leave one with the impression these are only LDR's which, apparently, is untrue. i was also looking to download only the post SP1 GDR patches, but this is not possible as far as i can tell Note: 2 sources (SoLoR and McRip), it's not possible to separate LDR/GDR Updates. Don't know how it's difficult, just select the updates you want, select the download folder and click go :/ also this link may be of interest to others - it's the change log for the SoLoR patches: http://updates.mihgroup.eu.org/ Component Remover ENHANCEMENT : allow loading presets Note: That's a request and needs it's own topic in the 'Requests' forum. ENHANCEMENT : like Update Retriever, it is unclear as to what system is being accessed; live or selected image? this could be indicated in the titlebar Note: Edited the description. SUGGEST : checkbox controls for child component(s) should be selected/deselected when selecting/deselecting parent Note: There isn't any child components, please elaborate. BUG : AIO Creator overlapping controls (near bottom)... Note: Hopefully fixed. AIO Integrator Tweaks tab ENHANCEMENT : need better descriptions all around - maybe start a special pinned topic for this so users can contribute? Note: Not really my fault, when users request the tweaks they didn't give a full description of what it does, for me to do this would require a heck of a lot of googling. I agree that tweaks tab can be better. Also a bug caused half of descriptions to disappear and never had time to research what they all did again ENHANCEMENT : allow selecting/copying of text in description Note: Please make a separate thread in the 'Request forum' thanks. ENHANCEMENT : show script source code in preview pane when clicking on an item Note: Please explain. ENHANCEMENT : when selecting one tweak in a category with multiple tweaks, the category checkbox control should be 1/2 checked (block or dimmed check) instead of unchecked Note: tried doing this, add it to the request forum with the 'enhancement' above. So i don't forget. ENHANCEMENT : ability to apply tweaks to live system is great, but suggest to remove option in 'Options' tab and do this right on the 'Tweaks' tab - too easy to apply tweaks to wrong system/image when the checkbox is on another tab entirely. suggest something like adding a checkbox to enable tweaks on the off-line source and a button 'Apply to current' which applies tweaks to live system Note: I won't fix this, however i have changed its group to debugging. To be fair it does give a message box with a big description of what it does. If a user fails to read that, then it's their own fault. But again, i've moved it to the debugging group. SUGGEST : add description for 'Start-up & Shutdown' > 'Shutdown Quicker' - i assume this is changing vales for various timeouts and i would say that this is generally a bad idea as settings/data loss can occur. in my expierence, if something is hanging there is a reason that might need investigating Note: This used have a description but disappeared due to the bug mentioned above but i have re-added a description. SUGGEST : change description for 'System' > 'Disable CPU Parking' as this only affects AMD processors - see: http://support.micro....com/kb/2646060 Note: Added in description. Services tab SUGGEST : change 'Diagnostic Policy' label to 'Diagnostic Policy Service' to match actual display name SUGGEST : change 'Windows Media Center Receiver' to 'Windows Media Center Receiver Service' to match actual display name SUGGEST : change 'Windows Error Reporting' to 'Windows Error Reporting Service' to match actual display name SUGGEST : change 'Windows Image Acquisition' to 'Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)' to match actual display name SUGGEST : change 'Web Managment' to 'Web Managment Service' to match actual display name SUGGEST : change 'Program Compatibility Assistant' to 'Program Compatibility Assistant Service' to match actual display name Note: I removed the names 'Service' to save space in the columns, it's pretty obvious they are services to why add the 'Service' at the end FIX : all MS .NET Framework NGEN (2.x) services default startup types are wrong for Home editions - should all be 'Manual'. i believe this is also the case for the 4.x versions - see: http://msdn.microsof...2(v=ws.10).aspx Note: Changed to Manual FIX : 'Program Compatibility Assistant Service' default startup type should be 'Manual' for all Win 7 versions (BV) Note: Done. FIX : 'Routing and Remote Access' default startup type should be 'Disabled' for all Win 7 versions (BV) Note: Done. FIX : 'Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework' default startup type should be 'Manual' when any version of Win 7 with SP1 is detected (BV) Note: It doesn't do any detection of the kind but changed it to manual anyway FIX : 'Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)' default startup type is 'Manual' for all Win 7's (BV) Note: Done. FIX : 'Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service' default startup type is 'Manual' for all Win 7's (BV) Note: Done. FIX : 'WLAN AutoConfig' default startup type is 'Manual' for all Win 7's (BV) Note: Done. Unattended Creator SUGGEST : processor architecture combo could be easily missed? possibly add as a checkbox within the rest of the stuff Note: Removed option all together, it will 'AnyCPU' by default. SUGGEST : for consistency, consider changing 'Full Name' label to 'Full Computer Name' Note: They are different, 'Full Name' is your name i.e. Jim Bob whilst 'Computer Name' is the name of your computer, i have renamed 'Full Name' to 'Your Full Name' BUG? : serial string not added to unattended.xml ... or am i missing something here? Note: Fixed this bug and other bugs too. ENHANCEMENT : add tooltip to 'Profile Directory' label to clearly indicate this is not the 'Users' directory (avoid confusion with %ALLUSERSPROFILE%) Note: Done. ENHANCEMENT : add tooltip to 'ProgramData Folder' label to clearly indicate this is not the 'Program Files' folder(s) Note: Done.
  19. just for giggles i'd like to do some testing to be absolutely sure - i couldn't find any mention anywhere of the theme patcher making a connection. could you provide a link to the same file you're using? i haven't been able to extract it from your exe
  20. ah, thank you why is it connecting to though? update check?
  21. what is UTH.exe? when i applied registry tweaks to my live system, my firewall alerted about a TCP connection by UTH.exe in the program directory connecting to when i checked the folder, there was no UTH.exe - is this an included file that is extracted and deleted as necessary?
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