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  1. VMware Workstation 12 Pro Build 2985596 was released today
  2. just to let you know some china mod version have same version with 37.2 MB size without tools. maybe your can do it too... extra lite version
  3. old version kinda better than this one... i get error when editing in chinese....
  4. Thanks for the update :thumbsup: needed by old school pc
  5. thanks bro... very good release... you are the best
  6. and Drivers folder is copy to the $OEM$ folder... everything working well with MBR file format legacy boot.. All drivers are install in Windows 10 after changing boot into UEFI mode with GPT file system... The drivers was copy to C:\Drivers same as the other windows 7 unattend and Win 10 Legacy boot MBR but drivers is not install... wonder who knows the trips? Hope someone knows... Solved.....
  7. thank you bro.. you are the best... appreciated
  8. This vista drive still the best one out there........ Fast and Simple
  9. i have same problem as u dolivas and i do inform rick about the spmsg.dll that screwing up in the txtsetup.sif (intergrated ryan pack) as i know ... we need spmsg.dll.exe.ref inside C:\WINDOWS\system32\PreInstall\WinSE\wxp_x86_0409_v1 to make the windows update site work again
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