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  1. please, upload.ee links are down. is this the latest/best build of uniextract?
  2. Huge and please keep it up. Absolutely great app.
  3. *huge* , OnePiece! voidseesaw.com/onepiece/ was updated too. And to everyone involved in the development: please keep it up, we love your work!
  4. Hello OnePiece! The topic Internet Explorer 8 x64 Addon v2012-02_1 (http://www.ryanvm.ne...513e4eb4e4ea85f) is about an Addon, not the updated installer that DXUPAC.exe also create and save at ...NonnoFabio...\Svcpack subfolder. This updated installer is very useful (and fast!) for support.
  5. Can I make a suggestion? I would like to create an updated installer ('Svcpack') for IE8-WindowsServer2003-x64-ENU.exe, and DXUPAC doesn't have this option. This IE installer is also compatible with XP x64. &
  6. I just would like to thank you for the updates. We love the tool!
  7. I've tried that before with no success, this EXE requires a XP source, but extracted files works fine... that's why I'm asking here a true addon... :crying_anim02:
  8. applied, working, but the missing files were not updated (kidding, sorry)
  9. My mistake, you're right. Version number can lead to this confusion. Thank you, I'll try ASAP. Edit: if you extract the XP Remote Desktop update from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyId=72158b4e-b527-45e4-af24-d02938a95683&displaylang=en , it includes more files to be updated (dependencies maybe, on my tests they were necessary to be updated too) aaclient.dll aaclient.dll.mui msrdpwebaccess.dll mstsc.exe mstsc.exe.mui mstscax.dll mstscax.dll.mui tsgqec.dll tsgqec.dll.mui tswbprxy.exe wksprt.exe wksprt.exe.mui wksprtps.dll
  10. Hello JonnyBoy, This is version 6, right? latest is 7, a lot of improvements, a very wanted one specially on Windows Server 2003. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyId=72158b4e-b527-45e4-af24-d02938a95683&displaylang=en
  11. Hello everyone First of all, sorry if this thread should not belong here. Mods, feel free to move this thread somewhere else you think is better. I've tried myself and couldn't build one. If we extract the contents of http://support.microsoft.com/kb/969084 and then copy files on correct locations, this works perfectly on any 2003 Server. As seen on MSDN blog on launch there were a lot of users requesting it for Server 2003. Any possible workaround to integrate this would be greatly appreciated. An AddOn would be a *very* welcome addition. Kind regards and thanks, everyone!
  12. Hello everyone, no news on a Remote Desktop Client 7 AddOn (silent installer would be useful too) that could be compatible with Server 2003 too? MS didn't updated 2003 client, and 7.0 has significant technical improvements. I'm using it on a daily basis on many Windows 2003 systems, but had to manually extract files, and they work perfectly with every feature. Kind regards!
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