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  1. i use "MyDefrag". its based on the JKDefrag software & on the windows defrag API (so it supports xp, vista & 7), works flawlessly for me, hasnt presented me any errors, has multiple options for System & Data disks AAAAANND its free. just sayin lol, .
  2. its just 1 more reason why AMD looks just that lil bit more attractive than INTEL.
  3. i hate using the driver packs, i only like using my specific drivers, that came with my motherboard. does this mean that you not gunna do these specific drivers for me then george???
  4. ok ok, next time ill do that. but for now (and just for now) im hoping goerge can help me out.
  5. :w00t: Nice 1, cheers m8. this is gunna make life so much easier for me. just make sure i can integerate this into xp using ryanVM integrator (and nLite if possible :naughty: ) :thumbsup_anim: . Thanks a million :worthy: EDIT: @George King i dont suppose i could come to you for stuff like this any other time could i? iv got a m8 who would really appreciate this aswell as me, hes getin a new pc at the end of feb (hes got the mobo and graphics card already & im buying him the rest of the parts) and he'd appreciate it if he had a windows xp disc with his drivers pre-installed for him. i havnt said anythin to him yet so that i dont get him all worked up & excited before i was to ask ya, just incase you said no. so, any chance of it then? Nieco.
  6. hey Kels, thats ok dude, dont worry about it. r u still onboard goerge? oh and kels, i do hope your wife gets better.
  7. and be able to give the admin a password? :naughty: ill be happy to settle at that lol, EDIT: btw, when are you thinking about releasing the W7 Toolkit 0.9.0; end of feb, march, july?
  8. i am seeding this, im seeding through utorrent 2.2. are there sertain settings iv got to ajust to make the upload become quicker?
  9. thankyou for doin this for me, its a real life saver this. :dribble: and im sorry it took me so long to reply, i was supposed to come back on yeesturday but things didnt go to plan over here. still, thankyou so much for wjat you are doin, :worthy: .
  10. ok im gunna go afk until about 7pm - 7:20 pm my time (GMT greenwich mean time) so ill tlk to ya in about3 hours and 45 minutes dude, thanks for all yer help man. Nieco. EDIT: that could be a gd idea ricktendo64 but id still prefeer it if Kelsenellenelvian can do this for me. this is gunna seriously help me out. plus i think id screw up making my own driver pack, too complicated for me. thanks for your contribution tho. Nieco.
  11. sorry for taking so long to reply with the web addy for the torrent of the drivers folder, but here it is: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6140692 sorry it took so long but my sisters friends had walked in earlier and started talking to me and then . . . .ayeee. sorry. Nieco.
  12. ok then ill make a torrent of the drivers folder then, ill put it up on thepiratebay DOT org and ill seed it until you tell me uv got it. 1 sec, brb
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