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  1. How to create them? And which is program should not be needed so my Windows 7 will boot very fast on SSD
  2. I want to build W7 unattended installation for SSD wtih 7Lite to make SSD more optimal at single install (no more manual configuration which make SSD give some stress), here's some question about that: 1. How to integrating batch for activating TRIM and something else for SSD? 2. Which is should be remove or disable feature to make SSD more optimal? Sorry for my bad English Thanks
  3. I want to slipstream visual style, logon screen, boot screen, and wallpaper. But what I doing first? And I want to slipstream Firefox or Chrome and Winamp to XP disc, how to slipstream them? Because I have concerning to removing Internet Explorer from XP disc (Internet Explorer Core still available).
  4. Oh no... This vista games it's not real Vista Games, but LOOK! SEE THE 3 Oct 2005 IN TITLE BAR WHEN YOU PLAYING THIS GAMES! I WANT LATEST WITHOUT 3 Oct 2005 BECAUSE THIS GAMES FROM VISTA BETA!!!!
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