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  1. now it work [Config]INSTALLDIR=Software[Manual]Google Chrome x64=%DVD%\ChromeSetupX64\ChromeSetupX64.exethanks!
  2. No, it not working, working only if on DVD WinToolkit_Apps folder. Why WinToolkitRunOnce.exe can't be itself deleted after closing ?
  3. I am partially solved the problem so I am 'WinToolkit_Apps' folder marked as hidden. but problem is WinToolkitRunOnce.exe will not delete after finished installing software how can I fix it ?
  4. Hi I have a problem with WinToolkitRunOnce.exe and that just will not start. I do not want on my DVD folder 'WinToolkit_Apps', I want the folder 'Software' or similar. WinToolkitRunOnce.exe start only if the folder 'WinToolkit_Apps' If on the %DVD% not available Wintoolkit_Apps folder then nothing is found I tried to edit the registry but without success, RunOnce will not start [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WinToolkit]"00000|ChromeSetupX64"="%DVD%:\Software\ChromeSetupX64\ChromeSetupX64.exe*"I also tried to set the file 'install.ini' but does not work, just will not run runonce #Any line starting with a # are comments and will be ignored.#Lets you specify the configuration of the installers #InstallDir is where your apps are located. #DriverDir is which directories to scan for inf files. #Reboot makes RunOnce reboot Windows after completion. #NOTE: INSTALLDIR will ALWAYS check the following directories even if not specified in the config section: #INSTALLDIR=Sources\WinToolkit_Apps #INSTALLDIR=WinToolkit_Apps [Config] INSTALLDIR=%DVD%:\Software DRIVERDIR=Sources\Drivers #Here are some other samples. #INSTALLDIR=E:\Software #DRIVERDIR=X:\MyDriverCollection REBOOT=FALSE #Things which will always get installed. Anything after * is a switch i.e. /S /Q /Silent [Automatic] #KBXXXXXX-x64=%DVD%:\WinToolkit_Apps\Windows6.1-KBXXXXXX-x64\Windows6.1-KBXXXXXX-x64.msu #User will be asked to choose which of the following apps to install. [Manual] Google Chromex64=%DVD%:\Software\ChromeSetupX64\ChromeSetupX64.exe* #Microsoft Office 2013=%DVD%:\WinToolkit_Apps\Office2013\Setup.exe*/configure %DVD%:\WinToolkit_Apps\Office2013\config.xml #Example 1=%DVD%:\WinToolkit_Apps\ExampleProgram\Example.exe*/s DVD one my WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log.log Version: 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: -----------------STARTING-------------- 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: IsSystem: False IsAdministrator: True User: JIGSAW\dfd 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: Creating Shutdown Handle. 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: Loading... 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: Detecting Drives 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: DRIVE SCAN ------------------------------ Drive: C:\, Media Type: Fixed, Size: 33283895296, Free: 19588681728, Name: , Initial: True Drive: D:\, Media Type: Fixed, Size: 20847783936, Free: 6113918976, Name: , Initial: True Drive: E:\, Media Type: Fixed, Size: 21731733504, Free: 21298372608, Name: Nova jedinica, Initial: True ------------------------------ 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: Detecting Paths 18.10.2014 3:58:31 Description: Detecting Sources 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: INI Found: D:\sources\install.ini 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: Install Location Found: Setup D:\Software 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: ERROR INI P1: Google ChromexS P2: %DVD%:\Software\ChromeSetupX64\ChromeSetupX64.exe P3: 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: Detecting Drivers 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: x64: True 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: Removing Duplicates. 18.10.2014 3:58:32 Description: No Installations. 18.10.2014 3:58:42 Description: Starting 18.10.2014 3:58:42 Description: Manual: 0 | Driver: 0 | Auto: 0 18.10.2014 3:58:42 Description: InstallPaths: 1 18.10.2014 3:58:42 Description: Deleting dpinst.exe 18.10.2014 3:58:42 Description: Removing Shutdown Handle. And to mention WinToolkit RunOnce.exe will not delete itself. Heelp! Thanks!
  5. After processing this procedure 'on clean install Win 8.1 removed the metro app, and then started integrating updates'. I checked it again and it works properly for the first problem when I remove only 'travel windows' then they are not removed from the startup screen shortcuts obviously working properly when I remove any other metro app then being deleted all the shortcuts from the start screen
  6. I solved the problem for the second and third error option! on clean install Win 8.1 removed the metro app, and then started integrating updates. So probably were not in some way damaged metro applications. error remain under Option 1, but it seems that it can not be fixed
  7. This is applied to the win8.1 x64 When removing any metro apps I have this problem: 1. on startup screen, shortcuts are missing of other metro app that are not removed 2. In photo metro app error is "Sorry, there was a problem please try again later", 3. Library does not exist, when I go to the option of a library 'File Explorer>View>Navigation pane>Show libraries', library generally does not appear, After enabling "Show libraries', then I got an error when I click on the File Explorer on the taskbar. Surely if succeeded correctly display library first and second error will be eliminated! How i can fix these errors?
  8. I seem to have solved the problem In the introduction to instructions from KB2919355 on the Microsoft website says "This Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 update is a cumulative update that includes all previous released security updates and nonsecurity updates". so I then update in the order of KB2919355 until today like this and this is now doing all right,
  9. When successfully integrate update, then install windows how can I check if the update was successfully installed? if there are any log files or similar
  10. sorry, what is WU? whether it is an important order of other updates?
  11. thanks I just have not installed any language after KB2919355 I tried to integrate only one update according to the instructions InstructionsRTM.txt and it is successfully integrated, but after installing Windows does not know how to check whether the update is applied, because we are not asking for an update again
  12. Hi Win 8.1 pro x64The integration is successfully completed but when I install windows again have available KB2919355 for update. Why is this happening, how to fix this error? notice: update Windows8.1-KB2959146-x64 could not be integrated, and then transferred to the silent installation.
  13. I can help for translation into Bosnian/Croatian or Serbian.
  14. Hi I integrates the update on my win 8.1.x64 but then iso image exceeds 5GB. What should I do to keep my ISO images fit on a 4.7 GB DVD, does not need updating just re-copying the old files in the system? I can not update Windows8.1-KB2959146-x64.msu PS: If you need a translation into Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian for wintoolkit language I can help
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