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  1. Great! But also don't forget about sys admins, that may need everything silent and no-checkbox-slowing-things-down. So two alternatives - either the app has a checkbox during first logon, and this is chosen during adding to the silent installers list in AIO, either is completely silent with a switch - this I think is the best way And thank you very much for also considering driver installing. Fantastic! Sorry I can't help besides giving some ideas and later by testing
  2. 1. (IMHO Must Have / short term) To make sure it works with ricktendo's latest vc++ and .net 4.5.1 installers, when integrated as silent installers on both x86 and x64 builds. 2. (IMHO Must Have at some point / Medium term) To have an option in AIO that may enable the user after first logon to have a checkbox and have the opportunity to skip certain installers (according to his preference). I'm asking this because let's say I'm making a windows 7 build for me, that has a ''large'' number of installers, but I'm giving it to a friend that maybe desires not to have installed all those apps. I mentioned some kind of switch in AIO, so this checkbox interface is optional - maybe a sys admin wants everything installed silently, without interuption. Also, and this is kind of very optional, maybe the silent installer list could be split into two separate lists: one that are installed first, and cannot be unchecked (let's say .net 4.5.1 and vc++), and another list with installers that can be unchecked (like not-so-important apps like adobe flash etc). Or maybe from the start to mention (in AIO) the installers that can be checked / unchecked (during first logon) via the checkbox list. So in this way the ones that aren't mentioned as ''uncheckable'' are installed no-matter-what 3. (IMHO Must have at some point / long term, hopefully asap) To also solve this important request. As I mentioned there, such a solution can make use of both driver integration via DISM from AIO (with a small number of drivers, that are very important), and a solution that runs at first logon, that has ALL the other drivers needed for windows 7 for ANY device (hundreds of drivers), and it hand-picks only the ones needed for the system. This is a dream actually, this is what is achievable right now with the driverpacks app ONLY in windows xp installation process, and probably can also be achieved in windows 7 via drvinst.exe (Lego, please read the discussion on that thread from here)
  3. The switch is /y, not -y :icon_cool: @Legolash Please disregard my previous post, I confused .net 4.5.1 with vc++ aio installer (this one). Again from ricktendo, again popular, again /y regular switch. You can see the error here. It's a long-time-unsolved error probably caused by your RunOnce script, as on a live x64 system it installs without issue, and also on an x86 image when integrated (as silent installer via Win Toolkit), again, no issue. The only time this kind of error appears is when the vc++ installer from ricktendo is integrated via Win Toolkit as a silent installer in a x64 windows 7 image. Again, I didn't bother to re-check with the latest beta, I'm 100% sure you can re-create it with your latest build. And hopefully solve it...
  4. Lego, about the above mistake, please also test ricktendo's popular .net 4.5.1 installer - I ALWAYS get errors for x64 builds with it, when running it with the usual silent switch /y On x86 build everything is always ok. Maybe it has something to do with the latest .7z SFX, that ricktendo started to use some time ago (~then the errors started, and not only with Win Toolkit's First Logon Installer).
  5. Ok, then it's postponed, I'll put it at some point in the requests subforums, but be sure that I'll keep bugging you about it to continue then the list above, and keep some kind of order... 4. IE11 germen and its update gets red when integrated (see above) 5. ''WinToolkit_Mount'' leftover folder isn't deleted from the hdd/ssd, and it remains there after everything is done.
  6. For english version everything is ok. So is such a change worth considering from a coding point of view (not-so-hard to implement, etc)? From my point of view, I'd like for the interface (and its sorting feature) not to be so clumsy and weird as right now, so anything that's a step ahead is desirable.
  7. Yes, please do. The sorting feature needs some improving. Thanks, looking forward for the results
  8. Just a hunch really, as everything that is RDP 8.0 and 8.1 related messes with your app, this one is a new one (RDP 8.1 prerequisite), so I suspect it to also mess up with your app.
  9. Please take into account I didn't rant anything about the prerequisite area, as I see it's back. I don't agree with it, I thought a ''postrequisite'' area (with only IE and its updates, and maybe KB2592687 + KB2830477) would have been easier to make and maintain, but you're the coder, you know better.
  10. 1. In WIM Manager, after selecting Apply unnatended, then selecting the .xml file, then selecting full mode, and after confirming, a new redundant window, that just states it's going to integrate the .xml with its location, appears. It's got also an ok button, so it's useless. Only a cosmetic bug, but I think worth mentioning 2. In AIO / Updates tab, when loading updates from with ''Add Updates + Subfolders" option, the sorting feature doesn't work, and the updates are sorted as they were loaded from the folders, which is really bad. 3. When using the regular ''Add Updates'' button in AIO, after all the updates were loaded, I chose to bring all the updates from prerequisites to ''normal'' area, but then the sort feature works weirdly, as it locks the update according to its KB number. This would have been ok, but since I cannot move IE11 to the end of the queue, as its place is locked above KB2889631, it's VERY bad. Oh, and then when deleting all the updates from the list, and loading them again, the sorting feature becomes unusable again and also IE11 is locked at the beginning when trying to move it from prerequisites to normal area. To make a custom order as I want, I have to use the ''Add updates'' from a new try (''virgin'' opening of the AIO), then move all the updates from prerequisites to the normal area, then moving them manually to their place manually to their place, as the sorting locks them weirdly. And this is very frustrating, so please fix this asap. So the wanted behaviour from your app is this (resume of 2 + 3) - sorting feature always work, even when using the sub-folder option, and also doesn't ''lock'' the updates after sorting, so I can move the IE and its update to the end of the queue.
  11. Great! I'm going to test it tonight and make a working build with it, but without those three updates, as I don't use them, but with KB2857650, which is also a dubious update... And tommorow, on my second try, I'll also test a build with those three updates also integrated.
  12. In beta 1? If not, can you please upload a new beta with this fix? I'm really interested on this one... Thanks!
  13. Great. Looking forward to it, but with such fixes a public beta won't hurt imho
  14. Great! Now only if those nasty IE related updates problems were also solved...
  15. You can download it through WHD, it's under ''additional updates / RDC 8.1''. Since all RDC / RDP 8.0 / 8.1 updates, are generating issues, I'm also suspecting KB2857650, besides the already 3 mentioned, but I can't say for sure.
  16. It's fine with me, but I'd love to test a build that solves IE11 related updates problems as soon as possible.
  17. Don't bother. ALL of them are generating such issues, reports are all over the forums. As you can see from clarkg888 above, even KB2574819 can generate such issues, when ''in cohoots'' with other tweaks, silent installers etc I think maybe it's best not to waste any time and add them all to the silent area by default.
  18. I'd like to bump I think the most important issue for the latest build, stated above (please also see my replies). Once this is solved, a beta build won't hurt, like in the good old days Tommorow, if possible, or asap, I'd be more than happy to test such a build, that integrates IE last, and everything IE-related after that, by default. Also, on the long run, an alternative to McRip is vital, so the idea to use WHD's lists (with abbodi1406's approval) as stated by me some weeks ago, and also by PeterWC above, would be more than welcome
  19. Most likely one (or all) of the following: KB2592687, KB2830477, KB2574819. Please try again without these
  20. mega.co.nz The fastest I know of
  21. Another idea... if I'm wrong, please someone correct me, but everything that is IE-related (all updates, all languagepacks and all addons like hyphenation ad spelling) have ''IE'' in their name. So maybe it's best that Win Toolkit scans for anything that has IE in their name and integrates them after IE (9/10/11) by default (in that ''postrequisites" area), and, of course, after all other updates.
  22. How about this? If you don't want to code such an area (and make it idiot-proof), just add a warning for users to rename the IE-related stuff with a z in front, and so the app will only need to detect that ''z'' and integrate the ''z'' stuff after IE. Just an idea...
  23. Yep, now that IE is beeing integrated after all the updates, everything that is IE related (updates, languagepacks, spelling and hyphenation) must be integrated AFTER IE11. So probably a ''postrequisites'' like area is needed, but this time at the end of the integration queue, after all the updates and after IE is beeing integrated. And yes, please move it in a separate thread if this is considered a bug. Again, wonderful feedback, Thiersee!
  24. Great you're experimenting on this subject. Please take into consideration that on the latest available ''stable'' build after all the updates from the prerequisites folder are moved to the ''normal'' area, the updates cannot be sorted alphabetically anymore. And also that the ''load from sub-folders'' option (load updates from a folder that also has subfolders) generates again similar nasty issues, like updates beeing sorted weird (and not alphabetically) by default, and, again, the sorting doesn't work (again, if you don't remeber th discussion from some time ago, ''alphabetically means Microsoft order - KB9xxxxx frist, the KB2xxxxxx, and after that updates maybe with a ''z'' in front if their name - like in my case, IE11 renamed). and again, I'm not asking to do this by default (to install IE11 after all updates), I'm sure you have your reasons for keeping the ''prerequisites'' (now I see they're called important) area as it is, but please let users to have a choice on this, so to have the ability to integrate the updates in Microsoft alphabetical order. And thanks again for coming back and keeping this greeat project alive!!!
  25. A newer rvkroots is out. Hope you can update your AIO (rootsupd + rvkroots) installer soon.
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