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  1. Lol, I have both of your Slims Packs and I been install both. So I only need to install 4.51. and not 4? Could this be causing the issue? (Big Brain Fart) :nuke: Josh
  2. Well the install process starts at the first login. 4.0 installs no problem, its only 4.51. that is asking me to restart when it is done installing. I never had this issues with your packages before, just recently.
  3. thank you ricktendo, hopefully you can get this switch issue fixed. I have everything else working, just this package is giving me issue (dotNetFx451_Full_LDR_x86_x64_Slim) Josh
  4. Hello there, wanted to ask because I am getting this message when dotNetFx451_Full_LDR_x86_x64_Slim is being installed (Latest Release). I have tried both /y and /y /norestart switches and with both I get this message saying that I need to restart. Can you please tell me if I need to use a different switch to prevent this from happening, thank you for your time and help in advance. Josh
  5. Hello there everyone, happy holidays! First off BIG thank you for this tool, it is awesome and I know it takes a lot of work to make this work. My question is that lately I have been noticing that the Win Toolkit Install doesn't kick in at the first Login, its always kicks in at (Completing Installation). I have noticed this in the last couple of build release. I have done some research in this forums and the latest I have read is that it has something to do with 2 KB Updates, is this still true? or am I doing something wrong? I have read that the Win Toolkit should always kick in at the First Login, but I am not seeing this. If someone can point me to what the heck I am doing wrong, that would be awesome or what I need to do to fix this issue, thank you in advance. Josh
  6. What is the answer for this question, I am in the same boat.
  7. Any answer to Post #131? The package is new, but any reason why it was moved to start after the last step of Win 7 Setup?
  8. Hello there Guys, just wanted to ask if anyone has seen this issue, with this package. This started to happen with me when WinToolKit started to install the packages during the last steps of Windows Setup. Before the packages got installed after you login to windows and I never had any issues. Can you guys share your fix for this issue, thank you! Click Here Click Here
  9. Hey there guys, I tried this package and I got an error message. I used this switch "dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_SlimSetup.exe" /y and I had to click Next button to start the setup and when the setup started, I get an error message. Anyone else seeing this. Maybe I am using the wrong switch, any thoughts?
  10. Hey Guys, can you share the Switch on this for me. I wanted to do a Slient install and wanted to know the command, thanks!
  11. Doh, I am sorry. When I posted the question, I went back and saw that too, thank you!
  12. Hello there Guys, wanted to know if we have a software or maybe I couldn't find it on the site, but make my own WA for Win7 Tookit. I went through the List and I also want to create my own because I have some software that I want to create WA add-ons. Also does Win 7 Toolkit only support *.WA files or does it also support other Add-ons, please share your thoughts, thank you! Josh
  13. I am looking foward too. I like to tweak my Win 7 OS and playing with it. I will go through thge form and learn the steps to use the Win7 Toolkit!, thanks all!
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