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  1. MANY thanks Rick, THAT was the problem, got it sorted out, many thanks man!! :D
  2. The registry shows that it is there. (HKEYLOCALM/SOFTWARE/classes/.vkp/shellnew. but it isn't in the NEW menu... It also added it in CLASS ROOT
  3. Hmm, my TWEAK UI, don't want to add it, it shows that it is added, but when I go to the "NEW" menu, it isn't there ..
  4. None programs install the extension, and I only use notepad (or notepad2 or notepad++). Hmm yes, I will.
  5. Oh okay, well thanks anyway, guess I'm going to do it through "TWEAK UI"
  6. Thanks cro-man, but I was already using it, great software!
  7. Yes that's true, just NEW.VKP Could you provide me with some more info about the " patch sfc.dll or edit WINNT.SIF" ?
  8. Rick BTW, How can I make UNSIGNED drivers install itself, I have the .sys file and the .inf
  9. How come you never online anymore ?

  10. Well the extention is .VKP It can be opened with notepad
  11. Hello everybody I was thinking, is it possible to add a template ? I mean the "NEW" menu when you right click empty space in windows explorer. And can it be done through batch files or some others ? I want to add some templates on more the 100 pc's,
  12. Prop in the vista disc, boot up from it, repair vista, boot into vista, install some program (cant remember) repair XP using that program...... DONE!
  13. If you need any help about SE, you can always ask me or others in the forum, it's a nice atmosphere there - Just like here ! I have the same name as here, Mr.Thunderbird
  14. WWW.SE-NSE.NET Sony ericsson modding site, I still hang out there a lot
  15. LOL! ROFL ! NICE ONE !
  16. Hmm, Okay, thanks for the info RT64... Somebody else ?
  17. Well, There is so many different software for this stuff.. but which is the best ? I mean, for changing icons.... like for .txt, .vkp, .mbn, etc etc etc
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