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  1. Any errors in the Event Viewer? I'm curious and also wary about removing stuff that result in annoying logs.
  2. Ensure your ISO filename doesn't contain any spaces. This is one of the known issues on their website, something I didn't know at first.
  3. I hope they still make that shampoo I like.

  4. Some mis-alignment issues (on 120 DPI). Never mind the poor quality of the pics; I had to shrink their sizes so WinCert would permit them .
  5. There's nothing wrong with how it looks, just the scroll doesn't work by default unless the change log is clicked first.
  6. Here it is. Reason why the About screen isn't as important compare to the others is because there's no risk to click inside the change log first (there's nothing to select in terms of options) to scroll.
  7. I can now reproduce the horizontal lines on the top menu buttons' appearance and disappearance. If there's another application underneath Win Toolkit, they immediately disappear (which is what we want). If Windows 7's desktop wallpaper is the only thing behind Win Toolkit, then the lines appear. More specifically, even if the other application's transparent aero border portion is directly behind WT's buttons, the lines appear. Simply dragging WT away slightly can remove the lines.
  8. Thanks. Works now, except the About screen, but that doesn't matter
  9. This one is strange. I also see this, but after a couple of minutes with WT opened, it seemed to disappear on its own. And after some more activity the lines return (probably invoked by opening other apps) :g:
  10. test 12 fixes the Aero problem, even the horizontal lines on the top buttons that's been there for a long time :prop: The bug with losing focus / send WT to the background remains.
  11. Still can't scroll by default in Test 10.7 and 11.7. Edit: Same with 12.7.
  12. Re: Test9.7z From your screen shots I can see there's no problem in Win 8 . However, this new ver looks great like everyone else observed, aside from the known Aero issue. I also see you fixed the overlapping tooltips. Well done :punk:
  13. Not sure if this persisted in earlier versions, but in 1.40.51 Test 9.7 I found 3 glitches under 120 DPI with truncated text / options in the: - Prompt screen for unmounting. A couple of options are hidden behind the three big buttons. -Tools screen. The bottom line of the border on the last option is missing. The only way to see it is to maximize Win Toolkit. -About screen. I no longer see the line with the current and bug fixes. I'm sure this was introduced in the latest test layout versions.
  14. When opening any option screen (e.g. Win Toolkit Options or Component Removal) I can't scroll up or down by default. To do so would require clicking inside the screen first, which can be tricky without accidentally clicking one of the settings. I prefer scrolling over the old fashion vertical scroll bar most of the time due to its convenience of allowing me to keep the mouse cursor where I want it. Perhaps this can be fixed by setting the default focus inside each screen.
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