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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys - I bought an SSD though so bit the bullet and did a fresh install..... cheers
  2. Yeah use them both too have in the past always preferred them to WMP - the play to feature didnt seem that great in vlc - it's the dlna control point I mainly want... plus needs to be screen readable M$ spend more R&D on that sort of thing...
  3. Yeah I think all packages were installed fine - it's just that winkit did a very complete job of removing WMP in the first place Anyway I bit the bullet on the weekend and reinstalled windows..... still wouldn't mind finding a solution though as I have the same problem with my install and I might want to run wmp sometime - I've got way to much stuff setup on to consider resinstalling an option
  4. Hi - thanks, really appreciate the suggestions - I've been busy trying them and I thought you were onto something there with the dotNET 3 method .. here's what happened: 1) Repair Install from Original media over my custom install - it wouldn't let me do this as I've moved my user profiles off onto drive D. How that stops a repair install i have no idea. 2) Adding through DISM to online system - unfortunately windows 7 doesn't support the new DISM parameter /source and I think this is kind of critical as I need to point at a different image that has that feature still in it (i mounted the stan
  5. Hey Guys - really need some help. I've used the excellent Winkit (component removal option) to strip windows media player out of Windows 7. I always do this for my own disks. About 6 months ago I used my install media to set up a friends PC, forgetting I'd customised it. He now wants media player - it's not available in the turn features on/off obviously - is there any way I can install this on his PC without him having to reinstall windows from scratch?? Thanks Mick
  6. It's been quiet on this thread for a while - not sure if it's the correct place to post this, but if an addon specifies arc=x86 and in the registry files refers to program files - is W7T smart enough to change this to program files (x86) - I know it does this for the tasks file, but wondering about the registry files??? Thanks Mick
  7. Hi Legolash Firstly a huge thanks for this tool - it's an excellent piece of software - i really put it through its paces with lots of messing around making my perfect win7 and it worked almost flawlessly. The only things I noticed are: 1) I couldn't integrate Nvidia GeForce display drivers for some reason. All other drivers worked perfectly. Is there anything strange about nvidia? I noticed a few similar posts early in this thread, but no real solution. 2) A few of the tweaks didn't work - Copy to folder, Command window here, disable task bar preview The other question I had - I added a silen
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